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Evolving the Forest – art.earth call for proposals

They are the stuff of myth and fairy tale and fear and power We revere them for their age and beauty. We use them, climb them, carve them, preserve them. We plant them. We grow them to build houses and make furniture. We bring them into our houses in celebration of festivals whose historic roots we have long forgotten. Poets write about them as they have done for centuries. For many, they are home.

Art.earth is proud to announce our next international symposium, which takes place at Dartington June 19-21 2019. The event is co-convened by The Royal Forestry Society and Timber Strategies, and also incorporates the annual conference of the Royal Forestry Society. 

We have announced the call for participation with a deadline of November 19. This is addressed not only to artists but to all those involved, however tangentially, with trees, forests and forestry. So please pass the word, and please send us your brilliant ideas. Our international gatherings have gained a reputation as a ‘re-invention of the academic conference’; we are anxious to include as wide a range of voices as possible and as wide a range of presentation types as possible. So please, join us!

Deadline: 19th November 2018, 22:00