New projects, calls for papers, residencies and other opportunities

ClimateCultures is pleased to share invitations for artists, researchers or curators to participate or collaborate in events, publications or activities. These are posted here in the order we become aware of them (most recent at the top), rather than by event date or deadline for responses. Expired opportunities are deleted.

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Letters to the Earth: Writers Call Out

Open Call for writers to be part of a nationwide cultural response to the climate and ecological emergency: #LetterstotheEarth

We are facing an unprecedented global emergency, the planet is in crisis and we are in the midst of a mass extinction event. Scientists believe we have entered a period of abrupt climate breakdown. The time for denial is over. It is time to act.

Writers are invited to submit a letter of response to the crisis. The idea is open to interpretation and the invitation is open to all. All letters will be read on one day of joint action on Friday 12 April across leading theatres and venues nationwide. The pieces will then be made rights free and available for anyone to download and present anywhere in the world from 15 – 28 April.

Deadline for letters (to letterstotheearth@gmail.com): midday Friday 22 March 2019

Call for University of Exeter Arts and Culture Fellows 2019

The University of Exeter is inviting applications from creative practitioners of any artform for three Creative Fellowship opportunities. Each will be an exploratory placement, lasting four to five weeks, working in an interdisciplinary context. Rather than being a ‘residency’ (where an artist produces work for a host that assumes the context of audience), these opportunities are described as placements, where the cultural practitioner is a peer, producing creative outputs that support and enrich the core activity of the host (i.e. the relevant University of Exeter institute or cross-departmental group).

The three institutes/cross-departmental groups at the University who will be hosting fellows are:

  • Institute of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (IDSAI) (Streatham Campus), Fellow research theme: Uncertainty Quantification. 
  • Environment and Sustainability Institute (Penryn Campus), Fellow research theme: Place and landscape; interdisciplinary methods. 
  • Centre for Human-Animal-Environment Bioarchaeology (HumAnE) (Streatham Campus), Fellow research theme: Care, the great human tradition: A multi-disciplinary collaborative exploration of family care across time and culture.

The Fellowships will run over a period of four to five weeks between April and the end of July 2019, split between in-situ research and production time. The timing and detail of outputs are to be developed in discussion with host institutes.

Deadline for applications: Thursday 21 March 2019.

Biennial Conference of ASLE-UKI 2019

The University of Plymouth is hosting the 2019 Biennial Conference of the Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment, UK and Ireland. ASLEUKI welcomes participation by anyone interested in environmental literature and culture – past, present, or future – from anywhere in the world, and whether as scholars, readers, or creative writers.

While proposals on all and any aspects and periods of environmental literature are welcome, this year’s theme is ‘Co-emergence, Co-creation, Co-existence’. The conference takes its impetus from the prefix ‘co-’ as a starting point for engaging with ideas, processes, practices and theorisations of mutuality, collaboration, co-production, collectivity and modes of being, thinking, and creating generated through entanglement.

We invite proposals for individual (20-minute) papers, or pre-formed panels (90 minutes) which may comprise traditional panels of 3 or 4 papers, roundtables or paper jams with 6 or more speakers, or other innovative formats. We welcome proposals for creative contributions or creative-critical dialogues. Possible themes may include, but are not restricted to:

  • Multi-species assemblages and ontologies
  • Symbioses, mutualisms and commensalisms
  • Entanglements between practice and theory
  • Ecological interdisciplinarity
  • Environmental justice and decoloniality
  • Collective action and activism in times of environmental crisis
  • Embodiment, proprioception, ‘eco-ception’
  • Intra-actions with weather, atmosphere and land/sea/waterscapes
  • Intersectional activisms
  • Collaborative working
  • Agency and power in posthuman ‘becomings-with’

Deadline for Proposals: April 1st 2019
NB: Delegates must be members of ASLE-UKI or one of its affiliates by the time the conference takes place.
Information about joining can be found at http://www.asle.org.uk