New projects, calls for papers, residencies and other opportunities

ClimateCultures is pleased to share invitations for artists, researchers or curators to participate or collaborate in events, publications or activities. These are posted here in the order we become aware of them (most recent at the top), rather than by event date or deadline for responses. Expired opportunities are deleted.

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Social Works? Socially engaged art funding opportunities

Not specifically environment or climate-related, but this partnership between Axisweb and Manchester Metropolitan University focuses on socially engaged artistic practices, so why not put in an application to any of the range of activities they are supporting, and support your socially engaged practice on climate change? The four opportunities they are offering cover: Art writing bursaries; Get-together funding for artists; Artist-run workshops; an artist commission.

“After speaking with artists, commissioners, funders, local authorities, researchers, academics involved with socially engaged artistic practice at the start of the year, the Models of Validation Team applied for funding to address the following issues:

  • A lack of communication/communication is difficult between the people involved in socially engaged artistic practice and is hindering progress in the field.
  • A lack of connection between artists and funders in socially engaged artistic practice, which leads to frustration on both sides.
  • Isolation facing artists working in this way.

The opportunities below are designed to be flexible, properly funded, with relatively short application processes.” Check the site for full details and an email address for expression of interest.

Deadline: 3rd July 2018

COAL Prize 2018

The COAL Prize is open to artists throughout the world who dare to imagine and experiment, to transform territories, lifestyles, organisations, and production methods. Together, they are building a new collective narrative, a new vision, developing our future heritage, and in doing so creating the necessary optimistic framework for everyone to find the means and the motivation to implement the changes needed for a more sustainable and just world.

Each year, it honours ten projects in the field of visual arts relating to environmental issues, which are selected through an international open call. Though only one of them is awarded the COAL Prize, all the artists and projects considered by COAL and the selection committee will become part of a network which COAL may invite or endorse for other relevant opportunities and projects carried out by the association.

The winner of the COAL 2018 Prize will receive an award of 5,000 euros and a residency with additional financial support for artistic production at the Belval estate (Ardennes), property of the François Sommer Foundation.

Applicants will be judged on the following criteria: artistic value, relevance (understanding of the theme), originality (the ability to introduce new approaches, themes, and points of view), pedagogy (ability to get a message across and raise awareness), social and participative approaches (engagement, testimony, efficiency, societal dynamics), eco-design and feasibility.

The COAL Prize supports art projects in progress. Its award is not intended to cover all production costs of the project but should be considered as an aid to its development.

Deadline: 31st July 2018


Nick Reeves Award 2018

The Nick Reeves Award for Arts and the Environment — awarded by CIWEM’s Arts and The Environment Network, in association with the Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World (CCANW), in recognition of an outstanding contribution in the field of environmental arts — is now open for nominations. The award celebrates an artwork, project or field of activity by an artist (or group) that has contributed innovatively to CIWEM’s vision of “putting creativity at the heart of environmental policy and action”. This high-profile award recognises excellence in work by arts practitioners, or environmentalists engaging with arts practices, whether well-established or newly emerging, in the UK or elsewhere in the world. The focus is on rewarding identified work, not simply a person. All forms and modes of arts practice, and geographical locations, may be considered. This scheme symbolises the growing significance of cross-disciplinary approaches in relating imaginatively to the world around us, and in responding to the environmental and cultural challenges of the age. 

The winner will receive a certificate, feature in The Environment Magazine and, where applicable, have their work featured in an exhibition organised by CCANW. Last year’s winner was the GroundWork Gallery in King’s Lynn, whose founder and director is ClimateCultures Member Veronica Sekules.

Deadline: 29th June 2018