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ClimateCultures is pleased to share invitations for artists, researchers or curators to participate or collaborate in events, publications or activities. These are posted here in the order we become aware of them (most recent at the top), rather than by event date or deadline for responses. Expired opportunities are deleted.

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Call for Submissions: Magma 72, the Climate Change issue

Magma magazine aims to promote the very best in contemporary poetry. Poetry that’s alert to the world we live in, that’s honest and above all, unexpected. Climate change is intangible, conceptual, scientific, vast, elusive, futuristic. It’s also concrete, specific and happening but even specific symptoms are hard to grasp. How to imagine desertification from a temperate climate, or unravel changing bird migration patterns? How reliably can an urban flood be traced beyond, say, floodplain building and local deforestation to larger causes? Then there’s the political discourse and our complicity, individual and collective, especially in rich countries where we emit and consume far more than the Earth can bear.

How do we, as poets, bring climate change into our work? There’s no ‘should’ about this – a writer writes what s/he has to write. Yet some of us might feel inadequate meeting a 26th century human, if the work of our Anthropocene era didn’t reflect our predicament.

Send us poems of grief, anger, despair, dystopian angst, scepticism, devil’s advocacy, activism, optimism, humour, joy… Elegies, satire or whatever. Poems that explore natural phenomena (what becomes of nature poetry in the age of climate change?); and/or the human psychology, the dilemmas of our needs and wants from cultural to economic, local to global. Poems that renew form or push against its boundaries, that plunder the language of climate science and natural history.

Deadline: 30th April 2018

Nick Reeves Award 2018

The Nick Reeves Award for Arts and the Environment — awarded by CIWEM’s Arts and The Environment Network, in association with the Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World (CCANW), in recognition of an outstanding contribution in the field of environmental arts — is now open for nominations. The award celebrates an artwork, project or field of activity by an artist (or group) that has contributed innovatively to CIWEM’s vision of “putting creativity at the heart of environmental policy and action”. This high-profile award recognises excellence in work by arts practitioners, or environmentalists engaging with arts practices, whether well-established or newly emerging, in the UK or elsewhere in the world. The focus is on rewarding identified work, not simply a person. All forms and modes of arts practice, and geographical locations, may be considered. This scheme symbolises the growing significance of cross-disciplinary approaches in relating imaginatively to the world around us, and in responding to the environmental and cultural challenges of the age. 

The winner will receive a certificate, feature in The Environment Magazine and, where applicable, have their work featured in an exhibition organised by CCANW. Last year’s winner was the GroundWork Gallery in King’s Lynn, whose founder and director is ClimateCultures Member Veronica Sekules.

Deadline: 29th June 2018

DerwentWISE Artist Commission (Touring Artwork), Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

DerwentWISE is now seeking expressions of interest from creative practitioners / groups or organisations to create a new piece of work to map and celebrate the achievements of the DerwentWISE scheme. Timeline: May 2018 – 31st March 2019.

The total fee available will be £7,000 (including VAT) including all costs such as materials, fabrication, installation, expenses and travel.

Deadline: 16 April 2018 midday

Thoughtful Planet 2 Exhibition

Thought Foundation (in Birtley, Gateshead) welcomes artists who explore environmental issues within their practice. We embrace intelligent, thoughtful, thought provoking and imaginative responses to global warming, environmental political issues, consumerist culture… and so on. Artwork can be in any form: – film, painting, sculpture, installation, light/sound, poetry/written, spoken word art or performance.

All successful artists will have the option to sell their pieces or charge attendees for performance related pieces (35% commission to be taken by Thought Foundation). This year we have teamed up with Cedrec Information Systems, who will be offering a £200 award for an outstanding piece.

Deadfline: 10 May 2018