Peter Reason

Peter Reason
Name: Peter Reason
is a ClimateCultures Author

In my writing I aim to link the tradition of nature writing with the ecological crisis of our times, drawing on scientific, ecological, philosophical and spiritual sources. This involves a shift away from the reductionist and materialist modernist worldview, and toward a participatory perspective. I am at present exploring a variety of panpsychic perspectives as providing the basis for a radical shift toward the experience of a sentient Earth and indeed cosmos.

I recently published On Presence: Essays | Drawings with artist Sarah Gillespie, which includes an essay on the place of arts in a time of catastrophe. My two (post-academic) books, Spindrift: A wilderness pilgrimage at sea (Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2014) and In Search of Grace: An ecological pilgrimage (Earth Books 2017), weave explorations of the human place in the ecology of the planet into the stories of sailing voyages.

I write a regular column in Resurgence & Ecologist magazine, and have contributed to EarthLines, GreenSpirit, Zoomorphic, LossLit, The Island Review, and The Clearing.

Prior to my retirement from academia, I contributed to the theory and practice of action research in writing, teaching and research. I am Professor Emeritus at the University of Bath. My on-line presence is through and on Twitter @peterreason.

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