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ClimateCultures is pleased to present our Creative Showcase: an evolving collection of new and recent works from our members: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, film, audio or visual art, courses, projects and other works from our network of artists, curators and researchers exploring creative responses to ecological and climate change.


Our members’ portfolio features more than 25 unique works, including: ** a video tour of an artist’s exhibition exploring an embodied relationship with local wetlands ** a collection of songs exploring: grief, rage and despair at our ecological catastrophe; beauty and wonder at the world; deep participation in life on Earth; ** a performance poem exploring the legacy of ‘ghost gear’ in our seas ** a film poem conveying collective collusion in climate change **a novel exploring normal people’s attempts to confront urgent environmental issues ** a performance video and gallery highlighting the crisis for our oceans and wildlife from our oil and plastics dependency ** a video combining original artworks on our changing planet and personal narration on the science involved and the significance of these impacts ** music on the need for non-harm in our relationships with the natural world ** online stand up comedy with insights for how we can communicate climate change with humour and compassion ** composite photography and video that witnesses creative community resistance to the corporate felling of 112 trees ** an exhibition using maps to provide a visual voice on the fragile equilbrium of our social and ecological systems ** a poetic film that speaks from the perspective of the land 100 years in the future ** a poem asking how would the climate feel being messed around in this way ** an artist book of images and texts on land and history ** poetry & prose poem collections speaking to a need for connection with the growing world ** two novels of the near future ** an essay on belonging here and now in our connections with nature ** online art shows for climate action and recovery from pandemic ** an online course for nurturing ecological literacy within the creative sector ** a zine exploring the experience we’re on the edge of ** books celebrating the love in relationships with rescued wild animals, the role of snow in cultures around the world, the opportunities for a wooded future and practical choices now to reduce carbon emissions ** and comic books reimagining the classic Wizard of Oz for a 21st-century world of science and magic, and the adventures of Captain Polo – the climate change bear…

Creative Showcase contributors: James Aldridge, Nadine Andrews, Julian Bishop, Nancy Campbell, Laura Coleman, Jo Dacombe, Laura Donkers, Evgenia Emets, Cathy Fitzgerald, Michael GresalfiBrit Griffin, Stanley Grill, Alan Hesse, Sarah Hymas, Jacqui Jones, Neil Kitching, Jennifer Leach, Bill McGuire, Sally Moss, Selva Ozelli, Rod Raglin, Oliver Raymond-Barker, Peter Reason, Katrin Spranger, Ursula Troche, Robin Walter & Quentin Young.


Our Creative Showcase is a space for members to share a recent piece that reflects their present work, an aspect of their overall practice or a current issue of great interest or concern. As a whole, the evolving showcase gives a snapshot of what inspires and energises the ClimateCultures community and it is open to all. If members contribute additional pieces for the showcase, we make sure their previous contributions are archived and can continue to be enjoyed. In our Creative Showcase archive, you will now find earlier works from Michael Gresalfi, Stanley Grill & Selva Ozelli.

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