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ClimateCultures is pleased to present our Creative Showcase: an evolving collection of new and recent works from our members: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, film, audio or visual art, courses, projects and other works from our network of artists, curators and researchers exploring creative responses to ecological and climate change.


Our members’ portfolio features more than 25 unique works, including: ** a video tour of an artist’s exhibition exploring an embodied relationship with local wetlands ** a collection of songs exploring: grief, rage and despair at our ecological catastrophe; beauty and wonder at the world; deep participation in life on Earth; ** a performance poem exploring the legacy of ‘ghost gear’ in our seas ** a film poem conveying collective collusion in climate change **a novel exploring normal people’s attempts to confront urgent environmental issues ** a performance video and gallery highlighting the crisis for our oceans and wildlife from our oil and plastics dependency ** a video combining original artworks on our changing planet and personal narration on the science involved and the significance of these impacts ** music on the need for non-harm in our relationships with the natural world ** online stand up comedy with insights for how we can communicate climate change with humour and compassion ** composite photography and video that witnesses creative community resistance to the corporate felling of 112 trees ** an exhibition using maps to provide a visual voice on the fragile equilbrium of our social and ecological systems ** a poetic film that speaks from the perspective of the land 100 years in the future ** a poem asking how would the climate feel being messed around in this way ** an artist book of images and texts on land and history ** poetry & prose poem collections speaking to a need for connection with the growing world ** two novels of the near future ** an essay on belonging here and now in our connections with nature ** online art shows for climate action and recovery from pandemic ** an online course for nurturing ecological literacy within the creative sector ** a zine exploring the experience we’re on the edge of ** books celebrating the love in relationships with rescued wild animals, the role of snow in cultures around the world, the opportunities for a wooded future and practical choices now to reduce carbon emissions ** and comic books reimagining the classic Wizard of Oz for a 21st-century world of science and magic, and the adventures of Captain Polo – the climate change bear…

Creative Showcase contributors: James Aldridge, Nadine Andrews, Julian Bishop, Nancy Campbell, Laura Coleman, Jo Dacombe, Laura Donkers, Evgenia Emets, Cathy Fitzgerald, Michael GresalfiBrit Griffin, Stanley Grill, Alan Hesse, Sarah Hymas, Jacqui Jones, Neil Kitching, Jennifer Leach, Bill McGuire, Sally Moss, Selva Ozelli, Rod Raglin, Oliver Raymond-Barker, Peter Reason, Katrin Spranger, Ursula Troche, Robin Walter & Quentin Young.


Our Creative Showcase is a space for members to share a recent piece that reflects their present work, an aspect of their overall practice or a current issue of great interest or concern. As a whole, the evolving showcase gives a snapshot of what inspires and energises the ClimateCultures community and it is open to all. If members contribute additional pieces for the showcase, we make sure their previous contributions are archived and can continue to be enjoyed. In our Creative Showcase archive, you will now find earlier works from Michael Gresalfi, Stanley Grill & Selva Ozelli.

coral ecosystems - rainforests of the seas

Mother’s Lament

Artist Michael Gresalfi‘s painting of past, present and possible future states of our coral ecosystems – the ‘rainforests of the seas’ – points to a grim outcome if we cannot rapidly implement international strategies. He finds inspiration in the “elegant tit-for-tat” coral-algae relationship of shelter, food and, photosynthesis: “the algae also paint their coral hosts … Continue reading “Mother’s Lament”

Drawing on Water

Artist James Aldridge gives a short video tour of his recent Drawing on Water exhibition. This brought together artworks that emerged out of the Queer River arts-based research project he set up in 2020, using an audiovisual installation and his ‘Walking Pages’ to look at his individual, embodied relationship with a range of local wetlands. … Continue reading “Drawing on Water”

Songs for Earth

Through his songs, writer Peter Reason explores many rich themes: grief, rage and despair at our ecological catastrophe; beauty and wonder at the world; deep participation in life on Earth, and taking seriously the panpsychic and animist perspective that the world is alive, sentient and speaks to us, if only we will attend and listen. … Continue reading “Songs for Earth”

Picked Up the First Pieces

Artist and writer Ursula Troche showcases a video using washed-up discarded fishing rope, recovered and stitched together, to explore the growing threat of ‘ghost gear’ and the haunting of our seas by plastic waste. Picked Up the First Pieces has become the start of a series of video works using imagination to tell plastic stories. … Continue reading “Picked Up the First Pieces”

Stormy Weather - a still from the short film by Laura Donkers

Stormy Weather

Ecological artist Laura Donkers shares Stormy Weather, a short film that conveys collective collusion in climate change through a combination of verbal message, moving film image, and soundscapes of storm, bird song and dance music that pulls the viewer into the personal and collective experience of Cyclone Gabrielle in Aotearoa New Zealand in February 2023. … Continue reading “Stormy Weather”

Mad Maggie and the Wisdom of the Ancients

Rather than aiming at overt eco-fi or cli-fi markets, Rod Raglin‘s novels use romance, action or mystery genres to feature normal people confronting urgent environmental issues. “Preaching to the converted doesn’t enlist new members in the battle to save our planet. I attempt to write entertaining books that appeal to a larger spectrum of society.” … Continue reading “Mad Maggie and the Wisdom of the Ancients”


“1.8 takes a critical view on the approximately 706 million gallons of waste oil that enter the ocean every year”. Katrin Spranger‘s piece powerfully uses performance with oil itself to bring home the global impact of pollution and waste on our oceans and wildlife, visually depicting how much crude oil we consume and release daily. … Continue reading “1.8”

Ahimsa, by Stanley Grill


“Much of my music is composed as a means to encourage others to think about the possibility of world peace.” Stanley Grill‘s four-piece composition expresses the ancient Jain, Hindu and Buddhist concept of ‘ahimsa’ — ‘non-harm’ in our relationship with the rest of the natural world — in his learning not only from great historic … Continue reading “AHIMSA”

Tackling climate change with humour - Showing a still from Sustainable Stand Up by Sally Moss

Sustainable Stand Up – Tackling Climate Change with Humour

“At times it can feel frivolous, or even treacherous, to keep laughing. But let’s not let the bastards get us down in the mouth, eh? Humour is forever a massive asset in the quest to maintain sanity and joy, and to speak truth to power.” With her improv background and a course from the Sustainable Stand … Continue reading “Sustainable Stand Up – Tackling Climate Change with Humour”

Standing Tall, 2022

“We decided that what we could do was to let the trees and the space know they were not alone … in community, communicate to them how deeply they are loved, and to be with them through their impending violation. Action in this sacred sense transcends human politics, bypasses it.” With composite photography and video, … Continue reading “Standing Tall, 2022”

A visual voice - showing 'Tipping Point' by artist Jacqui Jones

Mapping Vulnerability – Finding a Visual Voice

“The installations highlight our preoccupation with physical boundaries but also consider thresholds of thought and the necessity for a shared sense of purpose.” Six artworks from multi-media artist Jacqui Jones utilise maps to provide a visual voice and fire the imagination on the fragile equilbrium of our social and ecological systems and themes of sustainability … Continue reading “Mapping Vulnerability – Finding a Visual Voice”

Art of Shading the Sun, Photograph, 2021 Evgenia Emets

Art of Shading the Sun

“The project is a reflection on community and landscape and how these interact in space and within time.” Art of Shading the Sun, a poetic film from Evgenia Emets, speaks from the perspective of the land 100 years in the future, of a community and a landscape moving from extractivist practices to more regenerative approaches. … Continue reading “Art of Shading the Sun”

Art at Net Zero Festival London

“The transboundary nature of digital art has allowed me to participate in fifteen international art shows during September.” Selva Ozelli has been busy making art shows and interviewing artists, museums and international NGOs to support Net Zero Festival London and its aims to be a catalyst towards a net zero, equitable and resilient future.  “Our … Continue reading “Art at Net Zero Festival London”

Pyres - image for Julian Bishop's Changeling


“I always feel uneasy placing the self at the centre of a piece – the planet doesn’t and shouldn’t care a jot about my own views.” Julian Bishop‘s poem asks how would the climate feel being messed around in this way – drawing on myths of an evil fairy child substituted for a human baby. … Continue reading “Changeling”

Trinity by Oliver Raymond Barker


“I see this as an anti-camera, one that does not strive for resolution and clarity … but instead seeks to capture the essence of place whilst also providing sanctuary for the artist.” In Trinity, Oliver Raymond-Barker‘s camera obscura images combine with commissioned texts, offering complex, interconnected narratives of land and histories of spirituality, protest, control. … Continue reading “Trinity”

The Puma Years: A Memoir

“There are more than a million heartbeats … nothing is like mine.” In her discovery of a remarkable rainforest community of people and animals, Laura Coleman explores the meaning of love and rescue against backdrops of deforestation, illegal animal trafficking and forest fires, and the work of a pioneering charity created by young Bolivian volunteers. … Continue reading “The Puma Years: A Memoir”

Showing the covers of Sarah Hymas's books Melt and The Hispering

Melt & The Hispering

“Both books speak to my ongoing need for connection and intra-veloping with the growing world. They explore how I experience what I breathe, how water, soil and grasses unfold from me and I from them.” In melt and the hispering, Sarah Hymas encourages us to rethink, blur, mix up, remake the stories we’ve been told. … Continue reading “Melt & The Hispering”

Pole to Pole by Alan Hesse

Pole to Pole

“Unaware of last night’s events, the next day our friends resume their journey. Once again, the powerful ocean currents drag them ever southwards…” In Alan Hesse‘s comic book, Pole to Pole, Captain Polo leaves his disrupted Arctic home, seeking better hunting grounds. Unbeknown to him, he has onboard a mysterious stowaway with his own agenda. … Continue reading “Pole to Pole”

Carbon Choices

“Even where I live in Scotland, I am aware of the changing climate around me.” In Carbon Choices, Neil Kitching moves beyond our frustration with the lack of action to tackle climate change and nature loss over the past 30 years to set out the practical ways that governments, businesses and individuals can change now. … Continue reading “Carbon Choices”

Wizard of O2 by Quentin Young

The Wizard of O2

“Now you must be careful. The Wicked Weather of the West is a cunning shapeshifter.” Quentin D. Young‘s comic-book, The Wizard of O2 re-imagines the classic tale to bring us back to the Land of Oz for a 21st-century adventure in science and magic, creating space for humor and hope in the face of climate catastrophe. … Continue reading “The Wizard of O2”

Living with Trees by Robin Walter

Living with Trees

“Imagine these islands with large forests, small woods and a countryside dotted with trees, covering about a third of the land.” Robin Walter’s new book, Living with Trees, traces our long associations with woodland since the Ice Age, noting what we’ve lost, celebrating our remaining ancient woodland and trees, and calling for a wooded future. … Continue reading “Living with Trees”

Snow: Showing the cover of Fifty Words for Snow by Nancy Campbell

Fifty Words for Snow

“The snow lay in waist-high drifts, and kept falling. I’d gone to Iceland to write about snow, but I found that snow had other ideas…” Nancy Campbell‘s new book, Fifty Words for Snow, reflects on snow’s role in cultures around the world and the importance of linguistic and cultural diversity in a rapidly changing world. … Continue reading “Fifty Words for Snow”


Imminent: a Zine on Emergency and Connectedness

“I wanted to start the zine because I needed the outlet for myself, to try to connect with other people through my own rage and hope. I found that many others needed this too.” Jo Dacombe‘s IMMINENT explores the experience we’re on the edge of: climate emergency, nature connectedness, working together, grief, loss, determination, optimism. … Continue reading “Imminent: a Zine on Emergency and Connectedness”

Haumea Online 7-week Essential Ecoliteracy for Creatives & Art Professionals

“This is a comprehensive introductory course, as ecoliteracy is a big topic. It means becoming familiar with ecological philosophy, ethics, law, psychology, science and economics that an ecological worldview advances and I share examples of creatives pioneering this path.” Cathy Fitzgerald‘s online learning offers a means to rapidly bring ecological literacy to the creative sector. … Continue reading “Haumea Online 7-week Essential Ecoliteracy for Creatives & Art Professionals”

Showing bird tracks for essay on belonging

The Long Return: an Essay on Belonging

“The key to a sense of connection is spending time in natural places. These are intimate acts of slow and patient observation.” In her personal, revelatory essay for a new book from artist Paul Harfleet, Nadine Andrews explores ideas of belonging and connection through reflections on birds’ migration, human ambivalence and serendipitous encounters with nature. … Continue reading “The Long Return: an Essay on Belonging”

Showing cover for Wintermen III novel

The Wintermen III – At the End of the World

“You know, Tiny, it was sentiments like that that caused all the problems in the first place.” In her climate thriller, Brit Griffin‘s future dystopia is a crucible for our moral choices today: how to find our way to be a better species in a world that’s already changed is a path of the imagination. … Continue reading “The Wintermen III – At the End of the World”

Showing cover of Skyseed novel on geonegineering

Skyseed – Hacking the Earth might be the last thing we ever do…

“For the first time in the history of the world, it was literally raining carbon…” In his thriller Skyseed, writer and scientist Bill McGuire explores what might happen if we start geoengineering our climate to ‘fix’ global heating, and everything goes pear-shaped. A cautionary tale from a researcher steeped in the natural history of disasters. … Continue reading “Skyseed – Hacking the Earth might be the last thing we ever do…”

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