Gifts of Sound & Vision

We’ve added Gifts of Sound & Vision as a space for ClimateCultures Members to nominate some of the video or audio work of others that they’ve discovered and want to share. Unlike other pages in our Curious Minds section, this page is less about the creative imagination of the Members sharing this content with us (although this certainly comes into it), more about a publicly available creative work of someone else’s that our Members have found particularly meaningful or moving. (But if any Members also want to share some of their audio or video work alongside these discoveries, that would be an added bonus!) 

These then are existing works that help us to explore the environmental or climate change issues that most interest us as artists, curators, researchers or activists. A focus on sound and vision can use our personal sense of change, of movement in space, time, consciousness and emotion, to help make these issues more accessible. The films or audio pieces might be documentary, abstract, fictional, natural soundscapes, spoken word, music or anything else which uses the power of film and sound recordings to reveal or create the experience of change, of movement or moment in time, space, place, consciousness, connection, emotion…  

Each selection might consist of one piece or of a pair (maybe one video and one audio), or more. Where a Member has brought together multiple pieces, maybe there’s an explicit or implicit connection between them, or maybe any common theme will be what occurs in the mind of you, the viewer and listener. It’s another ClimateCultures space to explore and make our own.

ClimateCultures Members: Are there publicly available video or audio pieces that you’d like to nominate for our collection? Do get in touch, with a public link to the piece (e.g. Vimeo, YouTube, SoundCloud etc) and your text to describe it and what it means for you. 

Rising Appalachia

Rising Appalachia: Leah and Chloe Smith

18 March 2019 – approx 8 minutes + videos

Writer Mary Woodbury finds deep resonance in the music of Rising Appalachia, who draw on the rural landscapes of her family, and whose musical fusion offers ideas of resilience and community in the face of change and loss.


Earthrise, seen from Apollo 8, 24th December 1968

31 December 2018 – approx 3 minutes + video

ClimateCulturese editor Mark Goldthorpe chooses Earthrise — a film about a moment a half-century ago that transformed our vision of the world and what might be possible in this short historic episode, modern human civilisation.

Time and Tide: Waiting for the Gift of Sound and Vision

29 October 2018 – approx 6 minutes + video & audio

ClimateCultures editor Mark Goldthorpe launches a series exploring film and audio that open a space to reflect on change — choosing pieces on how human and non-human animals live, and how processes of time and tide shape our coasts.