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ClimateCultures is an online platform for exploring and sharing creative responses to environmental and climate change. Membership is free. It is principally for artists (working in any art form), researchers (working in any discipline) and curators (working online or in galleries, museums and other spaces). You might be working freelance, as a postgraduate student or within an organisation — and might be at an early, mid or later stage in your work.

We welcome applications from others who are also involved in creative or cultural responses to our topics, although we do not focus on environmental campaign, consultancy or marketing activities. 

You can have more than one Category. For ClimateCultures, ’Artist’, ’Curator’ and ’Researcher’ are about your activities, not your ’job title’ or principal role. Artists might also want to highlight the environmental / climate change research you do to inform your practice, or which your art itself performs in some way; likewise curators might also want to highlight creative writing and other practices that are part of your process; and researchers also, of course, might want to highlight creative aspects of your investigation and communication activities. 

Note: Unless stated below, all information you provide will be included in your public ClimateCultures profile in our Members Directory. All visitors to the site, and not just other Members, will be able to view this. But your email address, and other specified information, will not be part of the Directory, and remain private.

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If you wish to, please give your preferred title - e.g. Ms, Mr, Dr, Professor etc
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See the note at the top of this page. 'Artist' includes all art forms, 'Researcher' includes all disciplines, and 'Curator' includes online as well galleries, museums and other spaces. These 'categories' describe your practice(s) rather than specific job titles. The key thing about your choice of categories is that it should be reflected in the text of your biography, to help people find more detail. If none of these apply, select Other and describe below. ’Other’ is intended for anyone who is actively engaged in environmental or climate change activities that do not fit into any of our three categories: e.g. professional environmental roles, activism etc. These can be in addition to your ’main’ category, or could be the only one that you feel fits what you do – but if you can cast your activity in a creative, research or curatorial light then please do, as this is what ClimateCultures is about.
To help ClimateCultures consider your application, please give a BRIEF summary of your involvement in the creative and cultural aspects of environmental and climate change. You can say more about yourself in Biography below.
Whether you selected Artist, Curator, Researcher, or Other, please write 50 words minimum to 500 words maximum to describe your work and your interest in environmental or climate change or the Anthropocene. This text will form part of your profile and will be published in our Members Directory as soon as your form is processed (although you will be able to change this later). Please use full sentences, and avoid lists or text that reads like a CV - oh, and it's much better if you use 'first person' text!
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If you're based in the UK, please give either your town or county. If you're outside the UK, please give your country. This will help us to map ClimateCultures activity. If you prefer not to have this location included in your public ClimateCultures profile, please state NOT PUBLIC after the location.
Do please let us know whether you found out about us through a web search, link, personal recommendation or other route. Thank you!
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