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ClimateCultures is an online platform for exploring and sharing creative responses to our changing ecology and climate and to the challenges posed by notions of the Anthropocene. Membership is principally for artists, curators and researchers, and is free. Look through our Directory and you will see a great diversity of enquiry and practice among our members. 

ClimateCultures is for artists working in any art form, researchers working in any discipline and curators working online or in galleries, museums or other spaces. You might be: working freelance, as a postgraduate student or within an organisation; at an early, mid or later stage in your work; engaged with aspects of our changing natural world or climate through a specific set of issues or as a wide range of topics; focused on this as the core of your work or as one of many issues that you explore.

And while ClimateCultures welcomes applications from those who may not identify primarily as artists, curators or researchers but who are involved in creative or cultural responses to our topics, we do not focus on campaign, consultancy or marketing activities, or on topics specific to environmental technology, consumer advice or corporate policy; if those are your main interests, ClimateCultures membership probably isn’t for you (but do subscribe to our free newsletter if you want to stay in touch!).

So if it sounds like ClimateCultures is for you, do fill in our application form. We look forward to hearing from you!