2021 Members’ Posts

Here are our posts for 2021, from authors: James Aldridge, Anthony Bennett, Iain Biggs, Hanien Conradie, Mark Goldthorpe, Mick Haining, Andrew Howe, Sarah Hymas, Jemma Jacobs, Ivilina Kouneva, Matt Law, Julia Marques, Helen Moore, James Murray-White, Veronica Worrall, Yky.

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December 2021

Unfolding Stories from the Anthropocene and Beyond

by Ivilina Kouneva
14 December 2021
Challenges of Creative Engagement
1,610 words: estimated reading time = 6.5 minutes


Artist Ivilina Kouneva draws on her seaside walks and art-making, on tales of indigenous story sharing and experiences of others’ creativity to make imaginative links between our heritage as storytelling animals and remaking connections between past and future.

November 2021

Seasons of Nature’s Gift and Natures Lost

by Mark Goldthorpe
30 November 2021
2,980 words: estimated reading time = 12 minutes


ClimateCultures editor Mark Goldthorpe reviews Gifts of Gravity and Light, an anthology of diverse writings on our seasons, and explores how, as we disrupt the living world, our relationship with it shifts, and with it ideas of ‘nature’.

October 2021

Unseen, Seen: My Eco-art Travels the World

by Veronica Worrall
18 October 2021
Art & Eco Activism
2,150 words: estimated reading time = 8.5 minutes


Experimental artist Veronica Worrall offers a story of shared hope in students’ reactions to her photographic series ‘Unseen’, and how young people’s actions and art in the USA, China and around the world provide examples ahead of COP26.

September 2021

Queer River and Creative Engagements with Ecologies of Place

by James Aldridge
23 September 2021

Conversations + Review
3,000 words: estimated reading time = 12 minutes


Artist James Aldridge shares insights from Iain Biggs’ book Creative Engagements with Ecologies of Place and resonances with his own projects exploring the value of outsiders’ viewpoints and voices not often heard in discussions on the Earth Crisis.

Seeing the Flint Water Crisis

by Jemma Jacobs
6 September 2021
1,830 words: estimated reading time = 7.5 minutes


In our first accompaniment to Longer, a new ClimateCultures in-depth feature, arts researcher Jemma Jacobs introduces her recent study of the Flint Water Crisis and environmental racism as seen through one photographer’s work to make visible hidden perspectives.

August 2021

The Art of Reimagining Managed Retreat

by Yky
23 August 2021
Challenges of Creative Engagement
2,440 words: estimated reading time = 10 minutes


Artist Yky shares the ideas and artworks he presented to an international conference addressing scientific, social, and governance issues around ‘managed retreat’ — and how artists need to engage with pedagogy to contextualize and reimagine responses to climate change.

Solarpunk — Stories for Change

by Mick Haining
6 August 2021
Art & Eco Activism
1,530 words: estimated reading time = 6 minutes


Writer Mick Haining discusses the role of stories in helping to bring about change to mobilise, not paralyse, the XR Wordsmiths group that he’s part of, and their call out for new Solarpunk stories that give us hope.

July 2021

Wild Writing: Embracing Our Humanimal Nature

by Helen Moore
22 July 2021
Challenges of Creative Engagement
1,900 words: estimated reading time = 7.5 minutes


Ecopoet Helen Moore shares the inspiration and creative process behind her wild writing and the embodied awareness and resilience it nurtures in a world that’s become unconscious of humanity’s interdependence with all beings through the web of life.

Talking to the Crisis

by Mark Goldthorpe
5 July 2021
2,660 words: estimated reading time 11 minutes + audio


ClimateCultures editor Mark Goldthorpe reflects on a follow-up conversation between interviewer Julia Marques, performer Daniel Bye, creative producer Tessa Gordziejko, artist Jennifer Leach and geographer Matt Law on experiences of darkness, attitudes to uncertainty and opportunities for creativity.


June 2021 

Bringing It All Back Home

by Mark Goldthorpe
8 June 2021
2,800 words: estimated reading time = 11 minutes 


ClimateCultures editor Mark Goldthorpe reviews Dara McAnulty’s Diary of Young Naturalist — a remarkable testament to love for the natural world and a key to finding a sense of living in and caring for it as our shared home.

May 2021

On a Writer’s Imaginarium

by Sarah Hymas
17 May 2021
1,900 words: estimated reading time  = 7.5 minutes


Writer and artistbook maker Sarah Hymas reflects on an on- and offline cross-genre shared space she has created to support creative writing, and why this imaginarium is as much for her as for the other writers who join.

Attending to Muse & Nature in Lockdown

by Hanien Conradie
3 May 2021
Challenges of Creative Engagement
2,170 words: estimated reading time = 8.5 minutes + gallery


Artist Hanien Conradie shares the impulse and process behind a Covid19-lockdown collaboration that brings together image and text; and how, in a period of human silence, her muse and the natural world seemed to work in similar ways.

April 2021 

A Year of Wonders Under a Circling Sky

by James Murray-White 
16 April 2021
1,680 words: estimated reading time = 7 minutes 


Writer and filmmaker James Murray-White reviews Neil Ansell’s new book. The Circling Sky, an account of a year-long immersion in England’s New Forest, is both a guidebook to close observation and a reflective elegy to place and belonging.

A Personal History of the Anthropocene – Three Objects #13

by Andrew Howe
5 April 2021
A History of the Anthropocene in 50 Objects
1,310 words: estimated reading time = 5 minutes


Interdisciplinary artist Andrew Howe shares three objects that chart material flows in time. Slipware pottery, an acorn and a bitumen spill offer fragmentary stories entwined with present experience and imaginings of past and future in the same moment.

March 2021

Disciplinary Agnosticism and Engaging with Ecologies of Place

by Iain Biggs
24 March 2021
Challenges of Creative Engagement
2,250 words: estimated reading time = 9 minutes 


Artist and researcher Iain Biggs discusses Creative Engagements with Ecologies of Place, his new co-authored book about the possibilities of creative work, ensemble practices and disciplinary agnosticism in seeking alternative and inclusive ways of belonging to this world.

Climate Conversations to Save the World

by Matt Law
10 March 2021
1,180 words: estimated reading time = 4.5 minutes


Environmental researcher Matt Law reviews an online performance about climate conversations: an interactive journey inviting us to consider how different connections and storytelling could have led to a different world today, and help save the world for tomorrow.

February 2021

Dead Kid’s Fingers & Living Soils

Fungus: Showing Dead Kids Fingers by Anthony Bennettby Anthony Bennett
22 February 2021
Endangered Worlds
840 words: estimated reading time = 3.5 minutes + 1 minute gallery


Multidisciplinary artist Anthony Bennett shares the inspiration behind his sculptures on the crucial role of the usually disregarded fungus in returning life to soils following mass extinction events — and what this offers us in imagining possible human extinction.

January 2021

Conversations with Work That Connects

by Julia Marques
29 January 2021
2,970 words: estimated reading time 12 minutes + videos


Climate change dramatist and activist Julia Marques introduces a series of lively and engaging conversations she has recorded with fellow members. Artists and researchers explore their experiences with wide-ranging topics which inform the creative work that ClimateCultures celebrates.