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February 2021

Dead Kid’s Fingers & Living Soils

Fungus: Showing Dead Kids Fingers by Anthony Bennettby Anthony Bennett
22 February 2021
Endangered Worlds
840 words: estimated reading time = 3.5 minutes + 1 minute gallery


Multidisciplinary artist Anthony Bennett shares the inspiration behind his sculptures on the crucial role of the usually disregarded fungus in returning life to soils following mass extinction events — and what this offers us in imagining possible human extinction.

January 2021

Conversations with Work That Connects

by Julia Marques
29 January 2021
2,970 words: estimated reading time 12 minutes + videos


Climate change dramatist and activist Julia Marquesintroduces a series of lively and engaging conversations she has recorded with fellow members. Artists and researchers explore their experiences with wide-ranging topics which inform the creative work that ClimateCultures celebrates.