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Membership via our application form is principally for artists, curators and researchers, and is free. Look through our Directory and you will see a great diversity of enquiry and practice among our members. 

ClimateCultures explores creative responses to our changing ecology and climate and the challenges posed by notions of the Anthropocene. It is for artists working in any art form, researchers working in any discipline and curators working online or in galleries, museums or other spaces. You might be: working freelance, as a postgraduate student or within an organisation; at an early, mid or later stage in your work; engaged with aspects of our changing natural world or climate through a specific set of issues or as a wide range of topics; focused on this as the core of your work or as one of many issues that you explore. 

And while ClimateCultures welcomes applications from those who may not identify primarily as artists, curators or researchers but who are involved in creative or cultural responses to our topics, we do not focus on campaign, consultancy or marketing activities, or on topics specific to environmental technology, consumer advice or corporate policy.

So if it sounds like ClimateCultures is for you, read through the following brief notes and fill in our application form below.

Notes on our application form

Our main categories are Artist, Curator, Researcher and Other. For ClimateCultures, ’Artist’, ’Curator’ and ’Researcher’ are about your activities on environmental or climate change topics, not your ’job title’ or principal role — so you can choose more than one of these categories. For example: as an artist, you might also want to highlight the research you do to inform your practice, or which your art itself performs in some way; as a curator, you might want to highlight creative writing and other practices that are part of your process; and as a researcher, you might want to highlight creative aspects of your investigation, teaching, publishing or communications. 

  1. Public information: Unless stated, all information you provide will be included in your public ClimateCultures profile in our Directory. All visitors to the site, and not just other members, will be able to view this. Your email address will not appear in your public profile (or in any content you contribute to the site or our newsletter, unless you choose to include it). We will not share it with anyone else — apart from with other members, as we do wish to assist one-to-one networking and possible collaborations. If you do not wish to share your email address with other members, there is an opt-out in the form. The form also asks for information on where you’re based, so we can map interest in ClimateCultures, and in case we develop a facility to share this information with other members in the same general location, to assist networking and collaborations; again, there is an opt-out in the form. 
  2. Receiving our updates and newsletter: All Members automatically receive Re:Culture, our monthly newsletter, so there is no need to subscribe separately on this site’s newsletter page. You can, of course, unsubscribe at any time.
  3. Your choice of categories — ’Artist’, ’Curator’, ’Researcher’: See the main note above. Please use the ‘About you’ section of the form to reflect as fully as possible your role as an artist, curator and/or researcher exploring environmental or climate change or the Anthropocene. This will help people searching our Directory, using these categories and the tags we generate based on members’ texts; and of course, it means that your public profile really works to showcase both your own work and the breadth and depth of activity across the ClimateCultures community!
  4. Our ‘Other’ category: If you feel that ’Artist’, ’Curator’ or ’Researcher’ don’t apply, select ‘Other’ and provide brief information on your involvement in creative or cultural responses to our topics. ’Other’ is intended for anyone who is actively engaged in creative environmental or climate change activities that do not fit into any of our three categories. But do bear in mind that ClimateCultures does not address campaign, consultancy or marketing activities, or topics specific to environmental technology, consumer advice or corporate policy etc; if those are your main interests, ClimateCultures membership probably isn’t for you (but do subscribe to our free newsletter if you want to stay in touch!).
  5. ‘About you’: In this field, please write at least 200 words (and up to 800 words) to describe your work and your creative interest in environmental or climate change or the Anthropocene. If your application is approved without the need for follow-on contact, this text will form the core of your Directory profile within a day or two of you hitting Submit, so do give considered thought to your information here! Please use full sentences, avoid lists and text that reads like a CV. And it generally reads better if you use ‘first-person’ text. You will be able to change your profile as a whole once it’s published, but it’s easier to present your best text at the outset! ClimateCultures reserves the right to do minor editing of your text for clarity and grammar etc, but if we need to check something or think your profile needs more then we’ll get back to you before publishing anything.
  6. Profile image: Wherever possible, each member’s listing on the main Directory page and their full profile page are accompanied by an image representing them or their work. You can provide a web address for the image you’d like ClimateCultures to use as a note at the end of your ‘About you’ text. Otherwise, in the first instance, we will take an appropriate image from one of your other public profiles provided in your form (i.e. your own website or social media); if you prefer to use a different image once your ClimateCultures profile is published, you’ll be able to supply one.
  7. Unsure about anything? Use the Contact page to ask.


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