Write for the blog

Want to write a post for the ClimateCultures blog? We are a platform for all our Members to share words and images on their work, interests, ideas or questions on any aspect of creative responses to environmental or climate change or the Anthropocene. The more voices and perspectives we can share, the more fruitful and rewarding the conversation.

Here is a simple guide to how ClimateCultures publishes.

  • Our copy deadline is the 15th of the month for content that will be posted the following month: e.g. a 15th Feb deadline for posts to appear in March.
  • We feature original posts by ClimateCultures Members (although you might adapt, update or excerpt some content you’ve posted elsewhere; and you can post your content simultaneously or later on another site).
  • Your post might be: an original piece of creative work; excerpts from new (or examples of previous) creative, curatorial, research or cultural activist work; insights into your processes; reviews of others’ works; explorations of issues, risks, opportunities or questions; pretty much anything else which relates to the core ClimateCultures concern for creative conversations around environmental and climate change or what we mean by ‘The Anthropocene’.
  • Our posts tend to be 1,000 – 2,000 words – some a bit shorter, others a little longer. Much longer posts may work as two or more parts – and I’m always open to the idea of series on your favourite topic.
  • We try to add two or three images for each post, where there’s no restrictions on using the image – with a credit for the photographer / artist and a link to the source. If you can supply or even create such images, all the better!
  • We can also feature audio, video, galleries etc.
  • A post can have multiple authors, all of whom will be listed (all authors should be ClimateCultures Members).
  • I make minor edits for clarity, grammar etc where needed, add a title and headings, and write a short introduction and a ‘Find out more’ section at the end of each blog post.