2024 Members’ Posts

Here are our posts so far for 2024, from ClimateCultures members: Peter Adkins & Paul Feather & Helen Moore.

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February 2024

Ecopoetikon: Global Ecopoetries for a Cultural Tipping Point

by Helen Moore
6 February 2024
Cultural Change
1,410 words: estimate reading time = 5.5 minutes


Ecopoet Helen Moore celebrates global ecopoetries through a new project gathering poets from Global South and North. Ecopoetikon offers a powerful indicator of intersecting crises and inspiration for a tipping point in our relationship with the living world.

January 2024

Modernism in the Anthropocene

by Peter Adkins
22 January 2024
Cultural Change
2,000 words: estimate reading time = 8 minutes


Researcher Peter Adkins explores how radical early 20th-century literary shifts reimagined the human within broader planetary processes, a ‘Modernist Anthropocene’ expanding understandings of our geological agency long before global environmental predicaments became the widespread crises of our times.

Dystopian Farming: An Inquiry

by Paul Feather
8 January 2024
Cultural Change
1,110 words: estimate reading time = 4 minutes


For animist farmer and author Paul Feather, 2024 brings a creative inquiry into ‘dystopian farming’ as resistance as well as sustenance, and a search for joy and meaning that makes our dire times tolerable: the potential for liberation.