A Creative Pause

ClimateCultures editor Mark Goldthorpe announces a short interlude …

Quarantine Connection is a 40-day series, with daily contributions from our members every weekday over a total of eight weeks. With the completion of Week 6, we are 3/4 of the way through — and I’ve decided to build in a little break and postpone Week 7 until next week.

On a purely practical front, it’s an opportunity to catch up with some of the other, routine aspects of ClimateCultures activities: there’s some behind-the-scenes work to do and a new issue of Re:Culture to get together. There’s also some thinking to be done about how to build on Quarantine Connection: other ways we might respond to the Coronavirus pandemic and to what its changes might mean for responses to our ecological and climate predicaments (if you have thoughts on that, please get in touch).

I hope it’s also a valuable chance for members and others to catch up with the great content that members have already brought to Quarantine Connection in the first six weeks. With 30 daily offerings — excerpts from stories and other texts, short essays, paintings, poems, videos and more — there’s a lot to take in! I know I’m going to enjoy a bit of space to look back through it all and see each of the pieces in the expanding context of its companions, and I hope you do too. Every day, of course, I’ve had the luxury of knowing some of the content that’s coming up next, and while the idea of a creative pause crossed my mind when we reached the half-way point, I didn’t want to disturb the flow then. Now seems a good point to have that pause, to catch up and take in the view, without it feeling like a disturbance. And, new contributions already in place, I know what’s coming up when we do resume Week 7 — it’s well worth waiting for! 

So, enjoy the break, do look back at any of the 30 contributions so far you may have missed or want a repeat experience of — and check out our recent posts on the blog, of course (there’s a new one appearing very soon) — and come back for Week 7 on 1st June!

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