Curious Minds

This section is a space to find and explore creative challenges and discoveries. How many ways are there to see the Anthropocene? What do we talk about when we (don’t) talk about climate change? Where does ‘environment’ start and end, and how do its changes change us? What’s the delivery cost for sending a postcard from (or to) the edge? What are our ‘frequently unasked questions’ about Wicked Problems and Messy Solutions?

Use our Contact Form to share your suggestions for a creative challenge!

In the meantime, do explore:

A History of the Anthropocene in 50 Objects: seeing the many paths into and through our supposed Age of Human through evocative objects from our pasts, presents and futures;

Signals from the Edge: small artistic expressions of the more-than-human in the form of new signals for humanity. A small piece of sense — common or alien — amidst the confusion of human being.

Gifts of Sound & Vision: selections of video and audio pieces that ClimateCultures Members have discovered and found particularly meaningful or moving.

Space for Creative Thinking: During ClimateCultures’ first year, we published a ‘creative question’ at the end of most Members’ posts. Here, we’ve gathered together the full collection of 29 prompts for curious minds. 


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