2020 Members’ Posts

Here are our posts so for 2020. We start the New Year with a first post from new ClimateCultures member Rob La Frenais, who contributes his interview with one of our original authors in 2017: fellow member Lola Perrin.

You can find over 100 previous posts from our growing network of members published in 2019, 2018 and 2017 — and you can also explore all our posts by category, by author listed in our sidebar, or as a constantly updated random selection.

January 2020

Climate Emergency — a New Culture of Conversation

Photograph showing Lola Perrin at the piano for ClimateKeys at Sheffield Festival of Debate in 2019

by Rob La Frenais
2 January 2020
2,300 words: estimated reading time 9 minutes


Independent curator and writer Rob La Frenais interviews fellow ClimateCultures member and ClimateKeys founder Lola Perrin about her ground-breaking global initiative to ‘help groups of people tell the truth to each other’ about the ecological and climate emergency.

An Invitation to Act: Letters to the Earth

by Clare Crossman
14 January 2020
1,700 words: estimated reading time 7 minutes


Poet Clare Crossman was inspired to respond to a public call for Letters to the Earth and her poem is included in the publication — a book which offers “a spelling out that we are interconnected with nature.”