Nicky Saunter

I am an entrepreneurial thinker, a practical activist and campaigner, a creative artist who writes, paints, prints, take photos and makes stuff at every opportunity. I am driven by what we can do rather than what we cannot change.

Lucky enough to live in a rural place surrounded by nature, I still miss the rambunctiousness of cities and the energy of city people. I have lived in many places and feel genuinely connected to them still, have learned languages and always loved the feeling of foreignness.

Art is the feeling thread woven throughout my life although I still feel a charlatan calling myself an artist. Happy alone, I am best in a team and thrive on playing with others. Up for new things, so get in touch.

Nicky’s websites: Learning from the Land & Rapid Transition Alliance – Stories

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Nicky Saunter

Ecoart Case Studies – Theory into Practice

In the second of three collaborative posts reviewing Ecoart in Action, artists Claire Atherton, Beckie Leach, Genevieve Rudd and Nicky Saunter find plenty to discuss in a sample of the book's rich collection of international ecoart case studies, complementing its earlier activities. Read More
Ecoart Activities - Working With Place & People

Ecoart Activities – Working With Place & People

Artists Claire Atherton, Beckie Leach, Genevieve Rudd and Nicky Saunter have joined up to review Ecoart in Action: Activities, Case Studies and Provocations for Classrooms and Communities. This first of three collaborative posts samples the guide's ecoart activities. Read More