Views from Elsewhere 2020

This is the ClimateCultures monthly selection of Views from Elsewhere so far for 2020. Each month, editor Mark Goldthorpe adds new stories he’s discovered (most recent reads at the top for each month, rather than in order of original publication). This year’s stories come from Adweek, Aeon, Anthropocene Magazine, Art-Agenda, Atlas Obscura, BBC Future, Bruno Latour, Climate Lab Book, The Conversation, The Correspondent, Discard Studies, Edge Effects, Emergence Magazine, The Guardian, Image, Inhabiting the Anthropocene, Integration and Implementation Insights, Jennifer Atkinson, The Journal of Wild Culture, The LA Times, Mike Hulme, New Histories, The New Yorker, Public Books, Quanta Magazine, Science Alert, Seasonalight & Sverige Radio.

Since 2017, we’ve covered over 200 stories from almost 100 different sources. You can browse our selections for 2019, 2018 and 2017.

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