Views from Elsewhere 2019

This is the ClimateCultures monthly selection of Views from Elsewhere for 2019. Each month, editor Mark Goldthorpe adds new stories he’s discovered (most recent reads at the top for each month, rather than in order of original publication). This year’s stories come from Aeon, The American Geophysical Union, Anthropocene Magazine, Atlas Obscura, BBC News, CityLab, The Conversation, Dezeen, Ecosophia, Edge Effects, Emergence Magazine, Green Letters: Studies in Ecocriticism, The Guardian, Guernica, The Infinite Game, Inside Out, JSTOR Daily, The Los Angeles Times, Minding Nature, Nautilus, The New Republic, The New Statesman, The Outline, Public Books, Quanta Magazine, ScienceDaily, Vox.

In 2018, ClimateCultures featured more than 80 stories from over 50 sources; you can find them hereFor our 2017 selection — around 100 stories from over 35 sources — see here. For more recent stories, see Views from Elsewhere 2020.

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