Views from Elsewhere 2018

This is ClimateCultures editor Mark Goldthorpe’s monthly selection of Views from Elsewhere for 2018, featuring stories from over 50 sources throughout the year:

Aeon, Aesthetica Magazine, Anthropocene, Artists and Climate Change, The Atlantic, Atlas Obscura, 
BBC Radio, BBC Television, Burning Embers, 
Canada's National Observer, Carbon Brief, Caught By The River, Centre for Human & Nature, The Clearing, The Conversation, Crap Futures,
The Dark Mountain Project,
eco/art/scot/land, The Ecologist, The Economist, Ecosophia, Edge Effects, Electric Lit, Ensia, ENTITLE, Environmental Research Web, Eurozine, 
Foreign Policy,
Geographical, The Good Men Project, The Guardian, Guernica, 
Hacker Noon, Humanities for the Environment, Hyperallergic,
Iain Biggs, Inhabiting the Anthropocene, 
The Journal of Wild Culture, JSTOR Daily, 
Literary Hub, 
The Mail Online, MoBox, Musings,
Nature, The New Yorker, The New York Times, 
Pacific Standard, Platypus, 
Quanta Magazine,
the sea cannot be depleted, Seasonalight, Science News, Skeptical Science,
Undark, Uneven Earth

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NB: All posts appear in the order Mark discovered and read them (most recent at the top), rather than the original publication date.

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This is the ClimateCultures selection of Views from Elsewhere 2018 so far. For our Views from Elsewhere for 2017 see here.