Creative Collaborations

ClimateCultures is bringing together a portfolio of projects that some of our Members have been working on together: a showcase of creative collaborations between artists, curators and researchers exploring responses to ecological and climate change.

Skyseed – Hacking the Earth might be the last thing we ever do…

“For the first time in the history of the world, it was literally raining carbon…” In his thriller Skyseed, writer and scientist Bill McGuire explores what might happen if we start geoengineering our climate to ‘fix’ global heating, and everything goes pear-shaped. A cautionary tale from a researcher steeped in the natural history of disasters. … Continue reading “Skyseed – Hacking the Earth might be the last thing we ever do…”

Front cover of Brit Griffin's novel Wintermen III

The Wintermen III – At the End of the World

“You know, Tiny, it was sentiments like that that caused all the problems in the first place.” In her climate thriller, Brit Griffin‘s future dystopia is a crucible for our moral choices today: how to find our way to be a better species in a world that’s already changed is a path of the imagination. … Continue reading “The Wintermen III – At the End of the World”

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