New projects, calls for papers, residencies and other opportunities

ClimateCultures is pleased to share invitations for artists, researchers or curators to participate or collaborate in events, publications or activities. These are posted here in the order we become aware of them (most recent at the top), rather than by event date or deadline for responses. Expired opportunities are deleted.

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Season for Change 2018 – Open Call

“In 2018 over 150 arts organisations are coming together to programme events, conversations and performances under the banner Season for Change. The season will be about inspiring creative actions on climate change. It will run from June to December 2018 encompassing the shortest and the longest night. There will be a huge variety of events right across the country and we intend to build on this with a 2020 Season for Change. The Season for Change is coordinated by a national consortium of arts organisations led by Julie’s Bicycle, inspired by conversations across the What Next? network. In addition to all the events across the county in 2018 we are hoping to commission an inspiring national project which will happen on a single day in Autumn 2018. We are looking for a creative, playful idea that will stimulate conversations about our environment. The idea, when carried out in a single location, is likely to be something simple which engages diverse groups of people and captures the attention of local media. But when the idea is carried out across the country, in multiple locations, on the same day, it will also capture national media attention and demonstrate a united response to the most urgent issue of our time. We have a network of interested organisations, led by Julie’s Bicycle, who could deliver this – but in order to activate this enthusiastic network we need a cracking idea. So this is a callout for an idea. It is important to note that we do not have resources at this stage. Instead we will work with the lead artist/creator in order to fund and realise the project.”

Deadline: 14th August 2017 

See website for details and online application form.

The Resurgence Prize – open for Ecopoetry submissions

The Resurgence Prize with the Poetry School is the world’s first major award for ecopoetry. With a first prize of £5,000 for the best single poem embracing ecological themes, the award ranks amongst the most prestigious of any English language single poem competition. 

Deadline: 17th August 2017 

See website for details.


The Ecological Citizen – calls for artists and poets

Artists are invited to submit artworks to the second issue of The Ecological Citizen, “a new online journal that is striving to address the central issue of our time: how to halt and reverse our current ecocidal course and create an ecological civilization. We are seeking full-page spreads across 2–5 pages, single-page artworks and individual smaller drawings and images. We are looking for a range of artworks that fit with the ecocentric ethos of the Journal. Artworks may relate to the Journal’s topic areas listed below, or be images of animals and other nature including but not limited to: observational drawings, landscapes of all kinds, macro and cosmic perspectives, and animal vision. We are also looking for artists to respond to written articles with smaller drawings.”

Deadline for artworks: 1st September 2017

The journal is also inviting poets to submit work: “Life far exceeds humans. For millennia, ecopoets have understood it as a far greater enterprise. In their poetry, we can hear the voices of those who came long before us, who live with us, and probably will live without us. Now, however, they face extinction and die in silence, deafened by the roar of civilization. The time has come to renew the old understanding that all life, including humanity, speaks a common language. The mission of ecocentric poetry, or ecopoetry, is to help us empathize with non-human entities, be they a whale, a tree or a mountain. For we are all kin. Through metaphor and imagery, it speaks directly to our hearts and genes. We begin to realize that we have evolved together and share a common fate. They don’t deserve to die from our greed and stupidity. Indeed, if they perish we too will die from a “great yearning of Spirit” (in Chief Seattle’s words). In the Journal, we include work in the traditions of classic ecopoets such as Jeffers, DH Lawrence, Emily Dickinson, Gary Snyder, Wendell Berry and Denise Levertov, as well as translations of some of the world’s great poetry, old and new. But we also encourage our readers to send us poems that embody an ecocentric perspective. They will all be considered and as many as possible published.”

Deadline for poetry: 30th December 2017

See website for details.


Creative Climate Leadership training course

The international Creative Climate Leadership training courses are facilitated by Julie’s Bicycle, a UK charity with almost ten years experience working on environmental issues in the cultural sector, and PiNA, a sustainable development NGO working in Slovenia and across the EU. The next course will be from 8-14 October 2017 in Koper, Slovenia.

The Creative Climate Leadership training course is aimed at artists and cultural professionals and welcomes applications from all creative disciplines and art forms, and applicants from organisations that work directly with the cultural sector, such as networks, associations, funding bodies and policymakers. It will explore the cultural dimensions of climate change, and take action with impact, creativity and resilience. The week will: Explore the role of culture and creativity in responding to climate change and environmental challenges; Bring together a range of expert guest speakers to share case studies, research, approaches and practical solutions for environmental sustainability in the cultural sector; Enable each participant to develop their leadership and ideas; Prepare participants to apply their learning and new skills when they return home, and support ongoing learning and exchange through an alumni network.

Deadline: Monday 31st July 2017

See their website for details and guidelines. 

Submissions of visual or written work to The Greenhouse, Norwich

The Greenhouse’s current call for submissions is for Future Heritage Revolution 2017-2047 

Deadline: 5th August 

See their website for details and guidelines.