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Ayesha Tansey
— approx reading time: 1 minute

An actor, creative producer and founding member of company HOAX, who blend text, physical theatre and comedy to give voice to social and ecological issues.

Camilla Cancantata
— approx reading time: 1 minute

A composer, improviser and performer who is currently focused on work with Terabac, composing songs about bugs and devising music inspired by the language of pheromones.

Daniel Bye
— approx reading time: 1 minute

A writer and performer of work for theatre, wrestling down big ideas about the world until they’re small enough for us all to swallow.

Flavia Bertram
— approx reading time: 1 minute

A physical theatre performer and director and founding member of HOAX, specialising in concrete pipe dreams and provocative contemporary work.

Helena Paul
— approx reading time: 1 minute

A poet, writer, performer and musician working on tropical forests and land rights, oil extraction, biological diversity, patents on life, biofuels, climate change and much more.