interdisciplinary artist

I am an interdisciplinary artist and project manager working solo and in collaboration with other practitioners and community groups. Using walking and mapping, I explore how people interact with places, informed by my experience of over 30 years in engineering and environmental consulting.

My practice includes painting, collage, photography, printmaking, books, and digital media. My work has been shown in both solo and group exhibitions, and I have created commissioned work and curated exhibitions. I am a member of Meadow Arts’ network of creative practitioners, experienced in delivering arts engagement projects with schools, community groups and in public workshops.

I try to draw attention to human entanglements within a multi-species environment, seeking non-human perspectives and hidden narratives.

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Andrew Howe

Mosses and Marshes: Creative Engagement with Wetlands

Artists Andrew Howe and Kim V Goldsmith share the story of their collaborative Mosses and Marshes project, which investigates connections between fragile wetlands and their communities in England and Australia, seeking new interpretations, multiple perspectives and less-heard voices. Read More
A Personal History of the Anthropocene – Three Objects #13

A Personal History of the Anthropocene – Three Objects #13

Interdisciplinary artist Andrew Howe shares three objects that chart material flows in time. Slipware pottery, an acorn and a bitumen spill offer fragmentary stories entwined with present experience and imaginings of past and future in the same moment. Read More