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Editor Mark Goldthorpe introduces the members of our growing network of artists, curators and researchers. For his introduction to how our site came about, see About ClimateCultures, and About Our Ecological & Climate Predicaments gives his personal take on the issues that ClimateCultures explores. 

Welcome to the ClimateCultures Directory

All ClimateCultures members are listed here: over 150 artists, curators and researchers exploring creative responses to environmental and climate change topics. Each Member has a brief listing on this directory page and a profile page with their full biography and links to their websites, social media etc (and, if they are a ClimateCultures Author, a listing of all their posts for us); click on their name or photo in the directory listing to show their profile page.

By default, Members are listed alphabetically by their full name, but you can sort by First Name, Last Name, or whether the Member is a ClimateCultures Author. Once you’ve clicked on your preferred sort field, clicking it on again will reverse the sort order (↑ to ↓); if you sort by ClimateCultures Author, ↓ will place authors at the top of the list.

You can also search by any keyword in the Find Listings box. There is a full list of the directory’s tags here, which you can use in the Find Listings box or Advanced Search form.