Selva Ozelli

Selva Ozelli
is a ClimateCultures Author

An environmentalist working as an artist, writer, international tax attorney and public accountant, who has curated a Climate Change Art Show at Balat Culture Center, Istanbul.

Selva Ozelli is an environmentalist who expresses this sentiment as an artist, a  writer, an international tax attorney and a certified public accountant.   

Selva has been trained as a painter by world-renowned artist Teymur Rzayev at his Atelier. She has curated the Climate Change Art Show that will take place in Balat Culture Center in Istanbul from May 30 to June 12 2020. Selva's environmental paintings can be found on TalentHouse.  

Selva's climate Change-related articles have been published by the world's first climate change museum, the Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change in Hong Kong, and in journals which have been translated into several languages and republished in over 100 publications globally.
Her several first-of-its-kind legal analyses globally altered the transnational adjudication and disclosure of corporate polluting activity and of lobbying payments made to foreign government officials to change environmental laws/tax policies of countries. For more on that please see Tired Earth
Selva is one of our members featuring their work as part of the ClimateCultures Quarantine Connection series. We shared her piece, Tsunami / Chasing the Quarantine Blues Away, on Day 22 of the 40-day series.
Creative Showcase

Selva has contributed a piece on art shows she curated for London Climate Action Week to our Creative Showcase portfolio, an evolving collection of new and recent works from our members. See Art for Climate Action Week.

And Selva previously featured Celebration Day,  an interview with Ceclia Lam, Director of the Chinese University of Hong Kong Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change, ahead of the International Day for Biological Diversity. You can find this in our Creative Showcase Archive.

Selva's ClimateCultures posts

Celebrating Clean Air Day

Celebrating Clean Air Day

Artist and writer Selva Ozelli marks Clean Air Day with a roundup of international art shows she has curated and participated in during this year of pandemic, spurred on by urgent connections between our environmental and health crises.