Dave Hubble

Dave Hubble
Name: Dave Hubble

My first career was in ecology, and I ended up specialising in beetle identification and taxonomy. I left a few years ago to explore my creative side which had been bubbling for a long time (probably more strongly than science now I look back) having realised I could make more of a difference in the arts than in the sciences now we live in a world where data/evidence doesn’t sway decision-makers.

My visual arts practice focuses primarily on exploring the Anthropocene — from using waste materials to imagining how people will be creative in a future that looks increasingly bleak, but tinged with hope that it won’t be. This mixes with an interest in telling forgotten stories — the histories of found objects, the interesting-but-untrumpeted corners of our built environment, the diversity that is all around. Joy and wonder wait to be discovered in unexpected places.

My writing and performance take a related approach, experimenting with the diversity of language, ecopoetics and vignettes of life that typically go unnoticed. I may no longer work on beetles, but diversity still enthralls me in all its forms.

Instagram: dave.hubble
Twitter: @dshubble