Jacqui Jones

Jacqui Jones
Name: Jacqui Jones

A multi-media artist immersed in current social, political and scientific thinking, whose work encourages thought, conversation and action, focusing on the climate crisis and single-use plastics.

We are living in the Anthropocene era, a time when the actions of humans are affecting the planet in pivotal ways. As a graduate multi-media artist, I am committed to using art as a platform to inform and contribute to the environmental debate. My concern about climate change began in 2011 when I began a research project looking at the creative potential of biodegradable plastics. Working with bio-renewables was a fundamental period and from then on my work has focussed on environmental issues, in particular the climate crisis and single-use plastics.

I have combined research with a skillset that includes film, photography and sculpture to produce a large body of mixed media artwork that can be seen not only at exhibitions but at environmental festivals, conferences and symposiums. Immersed in current social, political and scientific thinking I have a wide portfolio of work, the aim of which is to encourage thought, conversation and action.

Jacqui is one of our members featuring their work as part of the ClimateCultures Quarantine Connection series. We shared her series of images, Trajectories, on Day 8 of the 40-day series.