Tessa Gordziejko

Tessa Gordziejko
Name: Tessa Gordziejko

I’m a writer, performer and creative producer. One of three poets who created and performed breath:[e]LESS, a spoken word/music performance exploring climate psychology, in Bradford, Liverpool and Hebden Bridge 2015/16. I’ve performed at poetry events across the north, for the Climate Psychology Alliance conference 2016, as composer/pianist Lola Perrin’s guest performer on her Significantus (2017) and End Climate Chaos (2019) tours, and at No Bounds Festival, Sheffield 2019.

I’m a climate activist, blogger and member of networks of artists making work about the climate crisis. I recently attended a course with The Dark Mountain Project which had a profound effect on the way I see the role of the artist in the Anthropocene.

As a producer, writer and theatre-maker I’ve created socially engaged arts projects which connect groups of citizens and communities with a deep set of ideas or themes, framed through collaboration with artists. I’m currently undertaking a creative development process / project supported by Arts Council England exploring the dramaturgy of co-creation and how it can foreground the voice of ‘WE’ over that of ‘I’ in the art we make for times of environmental tragedy.

Website: imove
Twitter: @TGordziejko