Patricia Tavormina

Patricia Tavormina
Patricia Tavormina

An educator and researcher networking with artists and scientists on climate change and currently writing climate fiction in an effort to make climate science more accessible.

I’m a PhD level educator and researcher currently writing climate fiction in an effort to ‘make climate science more accessible.’

Past roles have included research science in Planetary Science at Caltech and prior to that work on the human genome project at the University of California. I periodically teach classes at university level at multiple institution types, and I engage with the public through outreach at local library and similar venues.

My work and that of my students has been profiled in the LA times and covered through various radio programs. Most recently I’ve been networking with artists and scientists on the topic of climate change, including participating in science podcasts on this topic.

Together we’re stronger, and we can accomplish more as a unified block. Climate change is a massive threat at multiple levels. We’re changing Earth’s biosphere.

Patricia is one of our members featuring their work as part of the ClimateCultures Quarantine Connection series. We shared an excerpt from her story, The Arrival, on Day 34 of the 40-day series.