Rachael Clyne

A prizewinning poet, former professional actor and semi-retired psychotherapist, whose nature-inspired poems also reflect otherness, longing for the wild self and facing our destruction of it.

My interest in environmental matters goes back to the 70s, when I was a professional actor and took part in a review on pollution issues. My first poetry collection, She Who Walks With Stones & Sings, has many nature-inspired poems. In 2014 my prizewinning collection Singing at the Bone Tree was published by Indigo Dreams, and is about our longing for the wild self and facing our destruction of it.

My recent pamphlet Girl Golem, is about migrant heritage and sense of being 'other'. I have taken part in XR actions in London and Bristol and am a member of our local Glastonbury group. I'm also a member of Poets for the Planet, whose aim is to support climate change organisations with poetry readings.

In addition I write regular columns in our local free journal, much of which are about appealing to folk to act sustainably and locally.

As a psychotherapist, I'm semi-retired with a small private practice. However, I hope to be holding workshops for Extinction Rebellion, along the lines of the work of Joanna Macy and Jem Bendell.