Matt Law

Matt Law
is a ClimateCultures Author

An environmental change & sustainability researcher interested in environmental archaeology and public engagement, working on a theatre project to explore climate change's disruption of everyday lives.

I am Senior Lecturer in Environmental Change & Sustainability at Bath Spa University in the UK. I am interested in environmental archaeology and public engagement with climate change.

At present, I am working on a theatre project called The Last Hurrah (and The Long Haul) which has been created with actor/producer Rew Lowe and a company of acting students from Bath Spa. The play explores the disruptive effect of climate change on everyday lives, and is centred around the story of a remote whaling community. As a company, we are interested in talking to other groups engaged in climate change theatre and researchers who explore creative media for climate change engagement. We are currently (July 2019) rehearsing for performances in Bath in October 2019.

Creative Conversations

Matt took part in a series of lively and engaging conversations that climate change dramatist Julia Marques recorded with fellow ClimateCultures members. These covered a wide range of topics that inform the work that ClimateCultures celebrates, and Julia introduces them and brings them together in Conversations with Work That Connects. In his video, among many other things, Matt shares his experience of crossing academic boundaries, coming to climate theatre as a geographer and bringing arts and geography students together for The Last Hurrah (and the Long Haul). He also discusses art, music and performance as ways to explore ways of engaging people with environmental histories and futures, and being connected to a community.

Matt then took part in a follow-up conversation with Julia and other interviewees. You can find the recordings in Talking to the Crisis, where ClimateCultures editor Mark Goldthorpe reflects on the themes they discussed.

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