Hanien Conradie

Hanien Conradie
Hanien Conradie
is a ClimateCultures Author

A fine artist concerned with place and belonging, informed by the cosmology of African animism within the complex human and other-than-human networks that encompass a landscape.

Over the past few years my work as a fine artist has been mainly concerned with place and belonging within the context of the global environmental crisis.

My practice is informed by the cosmology of African animism and involves immersing myself within the complex human and other-than-human networks that encompasses a landscape and from there allowing the work to emerge. I see the resultant artworks as a response to a conversation with a place which involves deep listening processes. These have taken various forms such as performance art pieces, paintings, communal prayer projects and poems.

In addition to the act of making, I organize and create talks, discussion panels and group processes around artistic practice in order to uncover new ways of relating to the natural world, to each other and to ourselves.

Hanien is one of our members featuring their work as part of the ClimateCultures Quarantine Connection series. We shared her piece, 40 nights / 40 DAYS, on Day 36 of the 40-day series.

Hanien’s ClimateCultures posts:

A still from the film 'Dart' showing artist Hanien Conradie Photograph by Margaret LeJeune

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