Zaneta Zukalova

Zaneta Zukalova
Name: Zaneta Zukalova

An artist whose practice explores post-Anthropocentric visions, resisting climate change and ecology becoming decontextualised and intangible by gathering up and recontextualising fragmented information.

Art is my instrument to reflect on environmental and social injustices. I believe in the power of artwork to spread awareness and inspire change, whether that leads to direct action or creating space for further discussion.

My practice explores post-Anthropocentric visions and worlds and considers climate change as a global, socio-political issue. Articles, essays and books are foundational; in this context, the most influential writers and theorists have been Rosi Braidotti, Boris Groys, Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi and Timothy Morton. Their essays help me to visualise what life in future could look like, and how art can contribute to and navigate this. Many scientific papers and studies help to inform the factual basis of my practice.

Working with a fellow artist, Ben Yau, we launched a collaboration project called Decade Zero in October 2017. Within its first event, called Decade Zero: Art in Environmental Action, we wanted to point out the correlations of climate change and capitalism. The issue of climate change and general ecology now seems to be decontextualised more than ever, and thus less tangible for people. We wanted (and still want) to break this, gather up the fragmented information and recontextualise it, by our artistic means and external scientific help.