Isabel Galleymore

Isabel Galleymore

A poet and critic interested in climate change, nonhuman representation and ecopoetics, whose debut poetry collection, 'Significant Other', addresses the effect of climate change on biodiversity.

I am a poet and critic with a particular interest in climate change, nonhuman representation and ecopoetics more broadly. My debut collection of poetry, Significant Other, is forthcoming from Carcanet in March 2019 and addresses the effect of climate change on biodiversity, prompted by my residency in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest in 2016 with researchers focused on extinction.

In my critical work, I have published on a range of themes such as the relationship between humour and environmental crisis ( 'A dark ecology of comedy', Green Letters , 2013) and globalization, ecological awareness and lyric poetics ('Juliana Spahr's Lyric in a Global Age', Wild Court, 2016). My forthcoming monograph 'Teaching Environmental Writing: Ecocritical Pedagogy and Poetics' to be published by Bloomsbury Academic in 2019 pursues some of these discussions by addressing the question of how universities are currently teaching nature writing in the context of environmental crisis.

My next research project will look at posthumanism, empathy and the methodologies used by environmental psychology in relation to climate change, ecology and nonhuman experience. I am open to opportunities for creative-critical collaboration, as well as residencies that continue dialogue between practitioners and scientists.