Carol Padberg

Carol Padberg
Name: Carol Padberg

Carol Padberg is an interdisciplinary artist, and the founding director of the Nomad/9 Interdisciplinary MFA.

Her work has been presented by the Center for Sustainable Practices in the Arts Quarterly, and featured at the INSEA European Congress, the College Art Association’s Annual Conference, Open Engagement, and the Unruly Engagements Conference.

Carol’s initiatives explore resiliency through poetic intervention and pragmatic engagement. She writes, “My art is incorporated into my lifeways, my community and my livelihood as an educator. Like nested bowls, this creative practice telescopes in scale, moving from intimate interspecies works, to local projects, to international educational initiatives. The urgency of the Anthropocene demands new forms of inquiry that synthesize poetry and pragmatism, wonder and action, generosity and courage”.

Website: Carol Padberg