Joan Sullivan

Joan Sullivan
Name: Joan Sullivan

A self-taught photographer, I have focused my cameras (and more recently my drones) on Canada’s energy transition since 2009. I have found my artistic voice on the construction sites of some the largest utility-scale wind and solar projects in North America. Surrounded by heavy machinery, noise and dust, I seek moments of grace and beauty in order to inspire others to visualize – to imagine – what our post-carbon world will look like.

In 2018, six of my renewable energy photographs were included in an international group show organized by the European Cultural Centre as a concurrent event to the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale. In 2017, I was invited to speak at Google headquarters as part of the Women in Cleantech and Sustainability’s annual conference (see a video of my talk here).

I am currently working on a book of portraits of the men and women (former fossil fuel workers) who are now working in the renewables sector in order to build Canada’s clean energy infrastructure required to meet our Paris commitments.

Originally trained in public health, I became a photographer in Africa during my 20 years as an international consultant. My photography is anchored in this rigorous scientific training, which demonstrates the interconnectivity of all life on this planet.