Jane Frost

Jane Frost
Name: Jane Frost

A textile and environmental artist working in a wide variety of settings and communities, in conversation with people and places, for installations, exhibitions and workshops.

I work as a textile and environmental artist in a wide variety of settings and communities. My work is made in conversation with people and places, for installations and exhibition as well as running workshops to suit the places and people involved.

The nature and outcome of my work can be very varied. The tree, pathway or river may be the form; the needle, thread or fabric may be the tool. The active process and relationship between the elements chosen in creating and the creators’ work are my priority. This is what I aim to share with participants and audience. I am interested in the evidence people leave of their existence and what that will tell others in the future about current attitudes to other living organisms.

Through my work I aim to provide a medium which will allow positive expression of community and environment, its history and future; raising awareness of long-term sustainable development to create spaces that enhance lives both visually and practically.

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