James Brady

James Brady
Name: James Brady

Living on the coast of North West England, I’m an interdisciplinary artist-curator, publisher and climate activist. It is distinctly through culture that we can continue to become a more resilient species developing deeper, egalitarian ways of living. This is the hope that drives and inspires me creatively in this Anthropocene era.

Through my diverse practice I endeavour to reveal creative patterns embodied within our symbiosis with places, environments, natural systems, and with each other. My imagination is captured by the poetics of nature, and deep time aesthetics of landscape. By way of creatively exploring this fascination, in recent years my artworks have often incorporated digital video, field recordings, text and organic matter.

What drives my activity as a curator is a desire to connect people, ideas and actions in order to create complex and resonant relationships in our world that might otherwise remain unrealised. In 2014, I founded Gaia Project, a not-for-profit, independent publishing and curatorial initiative with a collaborative, ethical ethos. It’s a temporal poetic space where Art becomes Ecology, and where Ecology becomes Art.

Recent and current work:

  • Editor and Publisher of the book Elemental: an arts and ecology reader (Gaia Project, 2016).
  • 2018/19 – Editor of the new Green Party book celebrating 20 years of UK Green MEP influence in the EU Parliament (published in March 2019).
  • 2018/20 – Collaboration with the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination, exploring the synergy of radical publishing, writing, and the cultures of creative disobedience (funded by the Future’s Venture Foundation)
Website: James Brady
Twitter: @ecobeast