Joanne Matthews

Joanne Matthews

An artist and producer enquiring into intimate connection with humans and non-humans by embracing wildness, deep time and queering, using film, audio, text, drawing and performance.

I’m an artist and producer based in Edinburgh. My work is an enquiring into how to intimately connect with humans and non-humans through embracing wildness, deep time and queering. The way that I work is inherently political through cultivating empathy, embracing discomfort, darkness and a belief that everything is ever-changing.

Through embodied fieldwork involving sonic meditations, engaging with the senses, writing and speculation I make  films, audio work, text, drawing and performance.

I have a BA in Modern Drama Studies, a certificate in permaculture design and have lived in community-run farms all of which inform my work. I'm currently undertaking an MFA at Edinburgh College of Art.

As a producer, I've led projects and events for over 10 years across visual, live, performance art, and social art practice with artists and organisations.

From 2018-2019 I was the co-facilitator of research group Art is Action (Do It Together) at Somerset House Studios, a social practice research group led by UK-based artists and producers.

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