Salli Hipkiss

Salli Hipkiss
is a ClimateCultures Author

A writer, artist and educator, producing picture books, a novel and songs, with a background teaching and facilitating arts and sustainability with schools and communities.

"I began my career teaching the Arts in secondary and international schools in the UK, Kenya and Tanzania, where I also led the cross-curricular programme for the Environment.

Following a return to the UK, I established a freelance business as an Arts and Sustainability Educator and Creative Practitioner with contracts ranging from teacher training and capacity development for Environmental Education in Sierra Leone, to facilitating school and community Arts workshops as part of an Arts development study in the Cambridgeshire Fens.

My creative portfolio includes a novel manuscript for young adults on themes of peace and sustainability, several picture books manuscripts on related themes, and an album of original songs.

Passionate about creative education beyond the classroom, I have chosen to be a home-school parent. I hold a BA in Fine Art and Art History from Goldsmiths College; a Postgraduate Certificate of Education from Homerton College, University of Cambridge; and an MA in Children’s Book Illustration from Cambridge School of Art."

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