Andrew Styan

Andrew Styan

An emerging new media artist whose artistic strategies for understanding natural processes reflect previous research as a metallurgist and lifelong interests in nature, photography and science.

I am an emerging new media artist developing alternative artistic strategies for fostering an innate understanding of natural processes. My practice utilises electronics, computer coding, interactivity and small to large-scale electromechanical devices to create installations, videos and kinetic objects. This technological focus and DIY approach reflects a former career in industrial research as a metallurgist in the steel industry and lifelong interests in nature, photography and science. I have exhibited widely locally and nationally and in 2015 was awarded the prestigious Dr Harold Schenberg fellowship for Australian graduating artists.

My most recent works include the curation of an exhibition on air and breath — drawing attention to air as the medium which connects us to each other and the planet. Previous works were usually gallery-based and fell into the climate change ‘raising awareness’ or ‘societal critique’ categories, often focussing on the local coal industry. My ongoing research investigates the underlying historical and socio-economic origins that are common to all the crises of ecology, equality and democracy, with the objective of developing positively framed projects and a more socially engaged practice.

I have recently commenced PhD research into how we understand the fundamental processes of the planet and this will lead to community based projects exploring energy systems in all their forms - chemical, biological and renewable.

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