Isabel Thomas

Isabel Thomas

A postgraduate student researching ecomusicology and ecospiritual music, and a singer and musician exploring ecological themes.

I am a postgraduate student at Cardiff University School of Music, in Music, Culture and Politics. One of my main research interests includes ecomusicology, or the study of environmentalism and ecology in relation to music and sound. I am currently writing about the link between music, environmentalism and religion/spirituality - or 'ecospiritual music'.

I am also an active singer and keyboard player across a range of genres of both covers and original music, and am interested in exploring ecological themes in my acoustic songs.

I like to explore different writing styles - from reviews, academic writing, more informal writing, and stream-of-consciousness writing - on my blog, and I intend to write more about environmental themes in the future. 

My research is also available in a more scholarly format at my Cardiff University page.