Jaime Robles

Jaime Robles

A writer and visual artist who has created several environmental poetry installations and collaborated on a dance–poem juxtaposing the natural world and the city in movement.

Jaime Robles is a writer and visual artist. She has two collections published by Shearsman Books (UK), Anime Animus Anima and Hoard. She has produced many artist books, including Loup d’Oulipo, Letters from Overseas, and Aube/Afternoon. Her bookworks are at the University of California, Berkeley; Yale University; and the Oulipo Archive in Paris, among others.

While pursuing her doctorate in the UK, she created several environmental poetry installations, including Autumn Leaving and Wall of Miracles, which can be seen on her website.

Her works with composer Ann Callaway include the chamber operas, Vladimir in Butterfly Country and Spirit of the Moth, both based on Vladimir Nabokov’s love of Lepidoptera. She also collaborates with dancer-choreographer Nikki Santilli. Their dance–poem Passing Moments juxtaposes the natural world and the city in movement. Her sound poems using field recordings from the Devon area can be found on Soundcloud.

Jaime is one of our members featuring their work as part of the ClimateCultures Quarantine Connection series. We shared her piece, Fire on Silk, on Day 37 of the 40-day series.