Clare Redfern

An editor of Green Christian and organiser of an environment group, using films, music and poetry to communicate climate change and motivate group formation.

“My interest in responding to the fact of climate change was initially personal; I needed help insulating my house, changing my shopping and eating habits and hoped enough people would do the same, whilst governments took onboard greener policies. How naive! Becoming editor of Green Christian mag, also looking into Transition community thinking, I began to see the bigger picture of economic, cultural and yes, spiritual influences, which suggests a much deeper and more radical shift is required. I’m still tinkering around at the edges: I run a church environment group, and have used films (Plane Stupid, Before the Flood) as tools in communicating the threats and motivating group formation. Also, using music (e.g. Lola Perrin’s Significantus) and poetry (Dark Reflections, coming to Ely September, 2017). I’m grappling with the shiny optimism of Ecomodernism, whilst searching for a vision and I really just want to play folk fiddle.”