James Murray-White

James Murray-White
is a ClimateCultures Author

A writer and filmmaker linking art forms to dialogue around climate issues, whose practice stretches back to theatre-making.

“I’m a writer and filmmaker, although my practice stretches back to theatre-making in the 1980s. Recent work has been in the areas of art & neuroscience (filmmaker in residence within the Cambridge University/NHS Dementia Research Network), applied anthropology in Mongolia and with the Bedouin of the Negev Desert, Israel, and the lives of poets, including a film about John Clare, and a new project exploring the mystic visions of William Blake.

My interest in linking art forms to dialogue around climate issues was catalysed by the TippingPoint Warwick conference in 2016, and subsequently I produced a weekend Festival of Change, here in Cambridge, with the NGO Pivotal (short film available on my Vimeo page)."

James's ClimateCultures Posts: 

Un-tending the World -- A Geopoetics of the Wild

Un-tending the World — A Geopoetics of the Wild

Writer and filmmaker James Murray-White finds in James Roberts's 'Two Lights' a profound, close observation of the living world: a wise blending between writer and subject that encapsulates the essence of geopoetics as the sensitive expression of reality. Read More
Planet Local -- Community and Connection

Planet Local — Community and Connection

Writer and filmmaker James Murray-White visited the Planet Local Summit, finding in its examples of urgent work around the world to foster being and acting locally a cultural turning towards nature as antidote to climate and ecological breakdown. Read More
Seeing Nature's Wonders in the Human Heart

Seeing Nature’s Wonders in the Human Heart

Writer and filmmaker James Murray-White reviews fellow member Susan Holliday's creative guide, Hidden Wonders of the Human Heart, and finds ‘wise friends on the path’ of seeing deeply into connections, and a fellow traveller in the landscape of human Read More
Showing the cover of The Circling Sky: On Nature and Belonging in an Ancient Forest, by Neil Ansell

A Year of Wonders Under a Circling Sky

Writer and filmmaker James Murray-White reviews Neil Ansell's new book. The Circling Sky, an account of a year-long immersion in England's New Forest, is both a guidebook to close observation and a reflective elegy to place and belonging. Read More
All the Little Gods Surrounding Us

All the Little Gods Surrounding Us

James Murray-White discovers in 'Winged', a new collection of words and images from fellow member James Roberts, a creative expression of the natural world's ‘being-ness’ and a way for us to deepen our own presence within the more-than-human. Read More
Towards an Erotics of Place

Towards an Erotics of Place

Filmmaker James-Murray-White shares his experience of some of the world's desert places, and what the book Desert Quartet - an Erotic Landscape offers as a way into explorations of these places, of our sense of connectedness and self. Read More
creations of the mind

‘Creations of the Mind’

Filmmaker James Murray-White reviews A Film-Philosophy of Ecology and Enlightenment. In this scholarly work, Rupert Read advocates an ecological approach to film-philosophy analysis, arguing that film can re-shape the viewer’s relationship to the environment and other living beings. Read More
"Attending to the world’s extraordinary surprise”

“Attending to the world’s extraordinary surprise”

Filmmaker James Murray-White reviews Robert Bringhurst and Jan Zwicky's Learning to Die: Wisdom in the age of climate crisis -- a book urging the cultivation of human virtues in a time of crisis and the rejection of lazy thinking. 700 Read More
Cornerstones cover, by Little Toller Books

“Firestone far beneath our feet”

James Murray-White took a break from editing his Finding Blake film to review Cornerstones: subterranean writings. This new collection explores how all landscapes — from Dartmoor to the Arctic Circle — begin below the surface of the earth. Read More
Small Earth - art, land and sky at Snape Photograph by James Murray-White 2018

“Summon the bravery!” Encounters at Small Earth

Filmmaker James Murray-White describes taking part in the Small Earth conference within the stunning beauty of Snape. At this special event, psychotherapists, ecologists, economists, philosophical and spiritual thinkers gathered to address hope for future living within the ecosphere. Read More

Conserve? Restore? Rewild? Ecopoetics and Environmental Challenge

Filmmaker James Murray-White reviews a recent event with GroundWork Gallery and the British Ecological Society: a gathering of poets, academics, and ecological minds exploring our responses to environmental crisis through a day of ecopoetics, provocations and wild conversations. Read More
By Understanding COP23, We Can Help COP24 Succeed

By Understanding COP23, We Can Help COP24 Succeed

In a three-way discussion, James Murray-White, Lola Perrin and Paul Allen explore Paul's experiences at the COP23 climate talks in Bonn. Their video interview is a valuable insight for those of us who couldn't be there in person. Read More
Of Fire, Ice and Earth

Of Fire, Ice and Earth

Filmmaker James Murray-White reviews Fire & Ice, an exhibition bringing together three artists who complement each others' practice in a way that points the audience 'to deeper connections with the base elements that underpin planetary life and consciousness'. Read More
“Water’s Rising, at Their Ankles Now...”

“Water’s Rising, at Their Ankles Now…”

Filmmaker James Murray-White returns, fresh from a trip to Hull, City of Culture 2017, to bring us his review of the remarkable and immersive performance of 'FLOOD', a production that's "exploring our humanity and responses to the world". Read More
Necessity and Urgency -- Summer of Learning

Necessity and Urgency — Summer of Learning

Film-maker James Murray-White captures the energy and inspiration of a busy summer learning, engaging others and sharing their stories, recalling four very different events: a climate visuals workshop, a regenerative activism retreat, a performance and a coastal encounter. Read More

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