Paul Michael Henry

Paul Michael Henry

A performance maker whose dance, music, ritual and writing deal with love, neglect of body, destruction of environment and atrophy of soul in consumerist society.

“I make performances. My starting points are dance, music, writing and ritual; my artistic approach grows out of punk rock and Butoh. Most of the time this ends up on a stage, but I also make recorded music and collaborate on other artists’ projects. I’m artistic director of UNFIX Festival and teach dance workshops called The Dreaming Body. My themes are political, social & spiritual, dealing with love, neglect of the body, destruction of the environment and atrophy of the soul in consumerist society.” 

Paul's ClimateCultures posts 

UNFIX situation 2019 Image by Henrik Knudsen

UNFIX Festival — Unfix the Situation

Artistic director and performer Paul Michael Henry, who has devised successive UNFIX festivals, discusses his motivation and ambitions for these international gatherings and explorations, ahead of UNFIX 2019 next month. UNFIX: a command form, a verb, an activity. Read More