Scarlet Hall

Scarlet Hall
Scarlet Hall
is a ClimateCultures Author

“My dedication is to the margins, to humans and non-humans who experience intimately the violent consequences of our disconnect, wedged deeper by systems and practices of power and control. I co-create spaces of naming, questioning, healing, hoping and desiring.”  Highlights: Buried Sunshine (2016- Present): a performed link with people affected by coal-mining in Colombia using theatre and social mapping. Dignity for Asylum Seekers (2012- 2015): a 5 day transformational performance/march/protest/walk with a scape-goat puppet. * Colombia (2008-2010): community theatre and organising with young displaced peasant farmers to re-imagine a future in their homeland.”

Scarlet’s ClimateCultures Posts: 

You, Familiar

Artist Scarlet Hall debuts her poem You, familiar -- narrated over photos of clay sculptures ...
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