Ken Eklund

Ken Eklund
Name: Ken Eklund
is a ClimateCultures Author

Ken is an artist who works in immersive and collaborative play, informed by a career in game design. He’s best known for “authentic fictions” – immersive what-if storymaking games about real issues – such as ED ZED OMEGA (2010), FUTURECOAST (2014), and especially the landmark alternate reality game WORLD WITHOUT OIL (2007). In these games people explore real-world issues through collaborative play, work together to bring possible futures into clearer focus, and imagine positive solutions and action. His approach stems from a deep belief that participation and collaboration are transformative, and engaging people in play and performance opens them to true learning. His games respect the audience’s ability and desire to shape their experiences in ways relevant to them.

Ken’s ClimateCultures Posts: 

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