Laura Coleman

Laura Coleman
Laura Coleman
is a ClimateCultures Author

A researcher investigating the role of arts venues in the context of climate change, and Founder of ONCA, a gallery and performance space inspiring positive action. 

Laura is Founder and Co-Director of ONCA, a gallery and performance space in Brighton, England. ONCA’s mission is to inspire positive action in response to current cultural and environmental urgencies, through creativity, courage, collaboration, playfulness, learning and impact. In Laura’s early twenties, she met a rescued puma in the Bolivian Amazon, and this ongoing friendship has informed her life and work since, as a curator, producer and as the founder of ONCA. Supported by ONCA’s incredible team, she is currently researching her PhD at the University of Hertfordshire and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, looking at the role of arts venues within the context of climate change. Laura grew up in Brighton, and couldn’t imagine a better place for ONCA.

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