Mark Goldthorpe

Mark Goldthorpe
is a ClimateCultures Author

An independent researcher, project and events manager, and writer on environmental and climate change issues - investigating, supporting and delivering cultural and creative responses.

I set up and curate ClimateCultures as an online space for creative conversations between artists, researchers and curators.

I am a freelance researcher, project and events manager, and writer on environmental and climate change issues. Since completing an MA Climate Change at Exeter University in 2011, my focus is on exploring, supporting and delivering cultural and creative responses to environmental and climate change. I've managed a range of projects and events, working with Architects Declare, the National Trust, universities, climate change partnerships, the charity TippingPoint, and other freelance creatives.

With TippingPoint, I organised their final four creative summits for artists and researchers and helped to devise commissions for new creative work such as the Weatherfronts anthology of fiction, non-fiction and poetry on climate change. With Architects Declare, I work with their steering group to engage and support a growing network of UK architectural practices with their 12-point declaration of our planetary Climate Change Biodiversity Emergency.

Before going freelance, I worked on various environmental and climate change topics with Southampton Environment Centre, Climate South East, Exeter University and the UK Climate Impacts Programme.

Some of my recent projects include creating and now editing the website for the Finding Blake project - 'reimagining William Blake for the 21st century' - and the website of a community arts project in Cambridgeshire, the Waterlight Project

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