Veronika Vegesent

Veronika Vegesent

An artist whose work uses nature-made textures as a call to reconnect, appreciate the earth and all its creatures, and advocate eco-friendly practices in interior design.

I am an artist and founder of the brand Vegesent, a catalyst for change, advocating ethical values and educating about eco-friendly practices within the interior design industry. I collaborate with mission-driven entrepreneurs, support vegan professionals, and am currently finishing a book about ethical and eco-friendly practices in the art industry, Notes on art and sustainability: guide for eco-friendly interior designers.

The design philosophy of my art revolves around nature-made textures. Natural components like organic pigments, sand, stones, and linen canvas on wood have a conceptual meaning of human connection to the environment. My artworks aren't just pretty decor; they're a reminder of our place in this vast world. They're a call to reconnect, to appreciate the earth and all its creatures, both big and small.

I meticulously choose plant-based, cruelty-free, environmentally sustainable materials. I prioritise safety by banning hazardous substances, adopt a zero-waste, water-free production process, and rely on renewable energy and biodegradable packaging.

Beyond reducing environmental impact, my focus extends to championing people and animals' wellbeing. I advocate for ethical approaches in the design and business practices, donate to the human and animal-rights organisations and organise non-profit initiatives.