Ursula Troche

Ursula Troche

A visual artist and writer working with space and place and moving between work, text and locations to explore hybrid and 'intertidal' spaces and interrogating edges.

Draw / Sign, She(ll)-body / Self: assembling objects and words, stitching up (the) pieces - for Earth. As a visual artist, writer / performer / video- and object-maker, I work with space(s) and place(s) and move between work, text, locations.

Following lines and making points, I seek to explore hybrid and 'intertidal' spaces, including those between languages. Interrogating edges between intersections of margins and borderlands, I stitch lines to make connections, picking up threads - of wool and narratives.

My work also draws from my experience of moving from country to country, then city to sea, looking at my-grations, interiors, hidden spaces, decolonial possibilities and the psychogeography of body and voice.

In my object art I use recycled or packaging materials, such as plastic and cardboard, which I then transform into pieces of art by stitching, and adding found objects from the beach – creating thus a unique approach within eco-craft.

My objects have been in various exhibitions across the north of England and in London – where also my short film 'Reservoir Egg' was shown – in Newcastle I was Artist of the Month in May 2022 at 'Buy the Kilo'.

Some of my objects have also featured on stage, as part of my stage decoration for my eco-art theatre show 'Reverse Osmosis, and for the 'Compressed Time Frames' show I perform together with Simon Bradley.

'Reverse Osmosis' provided a focal point to my work, which was inspired by the threat caused by our waste, and landfills, and also featured my latest published piece of writing, which was my 'Climate Letter' written in response to a call by Linda France and New Writing North, and was chosen to be among those on display during Durham Book Festival, and pops up occasionally as an art intervention in public spaces.

For a list of written work published, and more, please see more at ColourCirclesite

Creative Showcase

Ursula has contributed a piece to our Creative Showcase, an evolving collection of new and recent works from our members. 

Her video, Picked Up the First Pieces, uses washed-up discarded fishing rope, recovered and stitched together, to explore the growing threat of ‘ghost gear’ and the haunting of our seas by plastic waste. This has become the start of a series of video works using imagination to tell plastic stories.