Amy Harff

Amy Harff

An artist, teacher, environmentalist and researcher exploring how art can inspire us to change in ways that climate science has not yet been able to

Amy is an artist, teacher, environmentalist and researcher. As a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship recipient, she is spending a year of independent exploration and research in Chile, Taiwan, New Zealand, Germany, UK and Zambia to meet with artists making climate change and environmentally focused work. One question that she is asking is: can art inspire us to change in ways that climate science has not yet been able to? She's been blogging about her research and explorations on her website and instagram. If you have suggestions on who she should speak with about her Fellowship, or simply would like to talk about art and ecology, please reach out!

Before starting her fellowship, she taught middle school science at the Applewild school and worked as a Naturalist Educator with the Appalachian Mountain Club. In 2021, she graduated from Hamilton College as an Environmental Studies and Studio Art double major. There, she was a member of Hamilton’s Environmental Action Group, and created several environmentally focused art exhibits including her thesis with large drawings depicting how climate change will impact Hamilton’s community, a food waste photography exhibit called, “Inefficient”, and a short film about trail overuse in the Adirondacks.

Her illustrations and photos have been exhibited at the Wellin Museum, Linda Johnson Gallery, Cornell Green Living Fair, The W!LD Center, and Kirkland Art Center.